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Games Pundit Review: The Witcher 2

Brett Taylor of Games Pundit reviews the recently released The Witcher 2 on PC.

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Community3578d ago
The story is too old to be commented.
likerussia3578d ago

I really like this review, it goes in detail about the good and the bad of the game!

kindi_boy3578d ago

This review is garbage, just a simple observation, they say that even on the lowest settings this game is beautiful, yet it gets a 4/5 on graphics.

Let me tell you something, on highest settings this game is the best looking game that exist today, there are just no word to describe how believable and beautifully mastered the witcher 2 world is. You got to play the game to understand. I've been playing games since 1987, it's my main hobby and I've never stopped while playing to enjoy the scenery of a game.

This game is far from perfect but this review is garbage.

a real review can be found here

likerussia3578d ago

Well comparing this review, it does indeed have more quality, haha It gave me better insight too! I want to play the game now based on hiw beautiful it is said to be

Btaylortherogue3577d ago

I really don't feel that the terribly optimized graphics deserve a 5. If you read my rubric, you'll understand why. Unlike most people, when I say a 0-10, I mean 0-10.

kindi_boy3577d ago

I don't really care for any review that has a number next to it, that alone drops you from my list of credible reviewers.

So arguing with you is going to be counter productive. For you ,of course, it's a different case.

Have a good day.

mrsatan3578d ago

If you think you can review that entire game in a few paragraphs, then you are completely wrong. This review sucks, he complains alot about the little things that can be easily patched yet fails to touch on the massive amount of good in the game.

starchild3578d ago

I agree. Overly nitpicky and unbalanced. The Witcher 2 is a brilliant game. The little issues aren't enough to put a dent in what is otherwise a superlative experience.

BeastlyRig3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

indeed this is a 40+ game!! Even ign say they will play all the way through before reviewing! I have a feeling like pc gamer they rated DA2 higher..

Best rpg I ever payed for!! Nuff said..

Solid_Snake-3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

im on chapter 2 and im nearing the 35-40 hour mark. there is so many side missions to play around with its amazing. second playthrough is a defo and the 3rd playthrough is a must. ive heard stories from friends that i havnt even seen. its like every reply to someone makes a difference.

RPG = 9/10

hoarding = 8/10... cant find anywhere to store items and no home to rest(tell me if there is)

combat = 9/10

story = 10/10

side quests = 10/10

AI characters 9/10

over all my review would be nothing less than a 9/10

this game will always be in my heart for the rest of my gaming future.

thanks cdprojekt RED STUDIOS for taking care of us PC gamers and im sure thats speaking for the rest of the PC gaming community.

dc13578d ago

I would only say that they are taking care of us (as a gaming community).
The game is truly a gaming masterpiece.

evrfighter13578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

can't argue with snakes review.

storage is becoming more of a problem for me. It's like every little thing you pick is used in alchemy and so it's piling up and I don't want to toss anything.

dc13578d ago

... I realized that I had extract armor. An extract 15 pounds of relief means a lot!

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Foxgod3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Very nice game, it seems that W-rpgs, are the true rpg's these days.
The Witcher 2 deserves higher then an 8.
Now that Japan keeps failing to produce an actual rpg.

dc13578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Now... one would say that I was a JPG purist (with a deep love for WRPGs). However over the years I have been persuaded that the WRPG style of game development simply cannot be denied its rightfully do of respect and personal attention.

Of all the late great titles that fit this category
(Fallout series, The Elder Scrolls series, Dragon age 1,..Mass Effect 1 and 2, W1 ect..),...
The Witcher2 is the by far the most impressive. The collective package is simply immersive.
I'm 40 hrs in (Chapter 2) and so far, its safe to say that any review scores less than a 9.5 is hard to fathom. The game should not be knocked because of optional 'inter-game' features that represent less than .01% of the game value.

In short: The Witcher2 is now the standard.
I can’t wait for SKYRIM and DA3 (Get it together Bioware!)

Perkel3578d ago

8/10 for witcher 2 it's wrong.

That is one of the best RPGs ever EVER !.

Story sidequestsm gaphic, sound, music, combat, damn there is simply too much good points to give it 8/10 for few bugs (i'm yet to find any i'm playig second time)

Also playing this second time doing other way the game is almost diffrent ! I mean really. Chapter 2 i from completly other side with own quests etc.

cyril sneer3578d ago

For the people having trouble with storage their is a weightless item mod you can get from here. oaymw

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