Amazon discounts MotorStorm Apocalypse to under $45 has discounted MotorStorm Apocalypse by 25%, dropping the price for the Playstation 3 exclusive arcade racing game to under $45.

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Hitman07692706d ago

That's a hot deal. Amazon is on fire lately. Maybe the world really isn't ending.

ilikestuff2706d ago

hmm theyre giving us a discount on motorstorm apocalypse on the apocalypse..... its a trap!

M-Easy2706d ago

Best Buy matched the price.

NBT912706d ago

If they are on fire, then it prolly is ending.

Two-Face2706d ago

Does this game have Catch-up? Like the first Motorstorm? If so, the game automatically get's 1/10 from me. Motorstorm had good graphics, and the driving was fun... untill you realised that the opponents catches up with you even if you drive GOOD.

M-Easy2706d ago

Its called rubber-banding.

NBT912706d ago

SplitSecond had that as well, it made the game suck >.>

blusoops2706d ago

Most racing games have rubberbanding. Even this one. But they DID tone it down tho. Considerably.

GoldPS32706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

I want to get this game but I'm gonna wait a little longer to get it at $30. $45 is a nice price but after getting GT5 for full price I decided not to buy another racer til it gets half price.

HOSe2706d ago

buy it. online is sickkkkkkkk and addicting

NiteX2706d ago

I saw this yesterday and was very close to buying it, but then I remembered how they tricked me with Mortal Kombat. I bought it for $50 then the next week it was $40. I won't be fooled this time Amazon!

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