Katakis 2 - follow up to a Commodore classic shoot em up

Some games just need a follow up - this one has been some 23 years in the making. Check out the video of how the Commodore 64 looks against the new PC version. The music in the vid is absolutely stunning also.

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jellybalboa2711d ago

MEH! soldner x at the moment is king!

boyo2711d ago

The game looks good - the music in the video is awesome!

andron2711d ago

Good old days. This reminds me that I want a next gen Turricane game. Wonder who owns the rights?

jellybalboa2709d ago

i remember turrican on the commodore 64, the good old days, theres an updated version of turrican called hurrican freely downloadable and its ace.

andron2709d ago

I mainly played the Amiga ones, but they were great too. I'll check out the dl one...

morkendo2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

they should have sidescrolling games on ps3
this game remind me of R-TYPE an GRADIUS