MMORPG Battleground: World Of Warcraft Vs Allods Online

Bright Hub "Two of the most well designed MMOs go head-to-head in the return of this MMO Battleground bout, featuring the incomparable World of Warcraft taking on the up-and-comer Allods Online."

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soundslike2706d ago

Allods is a truly unique and amazing game...

...with the worst f2p system ever.

This was months ago, but I doubt anything has changed. Its a shame, because I really enjoyed the game, but the F2P definitely got in the way, and didn't make me want to put money down at all, unlike other F2P systems like LOTRO/DDO or LoL.

Items have chances of being cursed on death...and then you need to pay to uncurse them...Yea, right. Fuck you.

Spinal2706d ago

LOL seriously?? thats why i'd rather stick to my monthly sub MMO's. So i stick to WoW then ill try SWTOR when that comes. I always avoid F2P games the only one i can see that looks good is Guild Wars 2 and thats the only F2P game im interested in.

vortis2705d ago

It's been changed now. You can still get cursed items but the blessing protection to prevent them from being cursed is now free.

Only an idiot would fail to stock up on the blessing charm so now if you get cursed it's entirely your fault. lol

I stopped playing mainly because the PvP got kind of ridiculous and it's now like a gang warfare on Allods...if you don't join a strong gang you'll get raped into oblivion.