Final Fantasy Type-0 Gameplay Footage Analyzed

Random encounters, giant summons, obnoxious Moogles, air ship shooting and more!

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Prcko3529d ago

Take my money!

B-Real2063529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

What's the release date their shooting for? I'm looking forward to this!! Hoping with the newly announced PSP Remasters heres hoping that I can get this and a PS3 version for like 80 bucks. PS3 hard copy PSP digital so I can transfer it to my future NGP

Pedantic913529d ago

According to Square Enix, it's been confirmed for Summer.

Basically, it'll be released in either June, July or August. No NA release yet (E3 would be the spot to announce a NA release).

Worst case scenario, it'll be delayed into Autumn or late Winter 2011.

Ravage273529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

i got chills down my spine when they showed off the school and the music started playing, damn it reminds me so much of FF12.

Square's back to its old self? The FF magic is strong in this game that's for sure, it deserves the budget wasted on FF13.

edit: Assuming the extremely likely case that FF Type-0 gets the PSP Remastered Classics treatment, my BC-enabled PS3 will be able to play every single mainline FF title :)

LightofDarkness3529d ago

Yes, I feel like I pretty much lucked out as an early adopter. Granted, she's a 20GB machine, but I've got full PSONE/PS2 BC, and soon to have PSP HD games too. It's magic I tells ya.

If they put Dissidia, FF IV Complete, Crisis Core and this up for PS3, I will have sex with my PS3.

Ravage273528d ago

FFIV is a stretch, but i can see SE revamping Dissidia012 and CrisisCore. After all, they are definitely PSP classics.

The announcement i'm waiting for is VC3, Sega doesn't seem to have much interest in publishing it in the West. Let's hope this give them the push it needs.

Eamon3529d ago

This looks amazing. The gameplay almost feels like an evolution of Crisis Core. The combat is much quicker, and there's a party of 3 characters. You can control your summons and you can use magic very easily. There's a world map and you can control an airship.

This looks to put FF13 to shame. Now I'm wondering when this will make it to the West. It's to be released in a few months in Japan. Hopefully, a western release date will be revealed this E3.

Lirky3529d ago

Yeah the gameplay seemed better than ffxiii, I noticed how like japanese devs sometimes if they release a game for 1 platform sometimes would make an upscaled version for the company that the game was previous on.

Id like for square enix to return to a turn-based system for a game too. Squaresoft mostly included turn-based rpgs square enix realtime action turn based which worked well with ffxii.

Ddouble3528d ago

I doubt any turn based games square will make from now on will be a FF game.

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