Quinton Flynn Talks About Voicing Raiden & Why Voice Actors Get "Shafted" For The Work They Do

"In the first part of our exclusive interview with the man behind the voice of Raiden, TGL delves into Quinton’s Irish roots, asks him about how he first got involved in voice acting, we talk to him about the negative reaction that defined Raiden’s arrival on the Metal Gear scene and why he believes voice actors don’t get the credit they deserve for the work they do....."

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Retroplayer2760d ago

Ah man, despite not being Raidens biggest fan when MGS2 rolled around I do think he's a wonderful voice actor and after reading this he comes across as a damn nice guy!

That said, that last line in the article kind of has me worried about Rising. Surely, no one else can voice Raiden. He IS Raiden. Anyone else agree?

CaptainMarvelQ82760d ago

His voice is so awesome
He also does Axel in Kingdom Hearts which is why like him even more

SwilloTGL2760d ago

I hope is isnt re-cast for Rising.....I cant really hear anyone else in the part to be honest....

Retroplayer2760d ago

Well, he's like Nolan North in the way that he has a very unique and recongizable voice. I mean, imagine if they re-cast Nathan Drake.

Still, fingers crossed he's involved. I don't think Konami are that stupid though!

jack_burt0n2760d ago

from the ppl doing voice work i know it really is incredible how little they get paid, its shocking.

SwilloTGL2760d ago

Ya, Jack, Voice overs dont get the residuals they probably deserve

Retroplayer2760d ago

Hell yes! They're getting shafted.

Raendom2760d ago

Standing in front of a microphone for a few hours a day is hardly demanding work. :\

Neckbear2760d ago

No, not really, they get paid in the thousands for one day of work.

ATiElite2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

Talking into a microphone for a couple hours and your done! I'm sorry that's not a million dollar job. Don't go raising video game prices to pay some under worked voice actor.

James Earl Jones who was the voice for Darth Vader got paid very well but look how iconic his voice AND character are. Get to that level and then you'll get a raise.

sure these voice actors have talent but they usually do this in like one or two days. if they want the big bucks they need to transition to voice acting on a show that runs weekly.

I have more sympathy for game testers who have to play a crappy game over and over and over again and again and again than for a Voice Actor who is done in like a few hours.

LoaMcLoa2760d ago

Actually, they do get paid pretty well. Depending on how many jobs they take too.

Raendom: Really, it's just as hard as acting. You have to express youself and do perticular body movements to get the right voice.

jack_burt0n2760d ago

You become an iconic part of a franchise and your being paid $1k a game, you think thats fair?, u guys must be teenagers or just stupid.

Good game testers get paid as much as anyone else on a project, they are highly sort after its only the interns that get paid peanuts.

Baka-akaB2760d ago

Not to mention only a few are actually really good at it .

Most just couldnt care less and comes for the check .

mastiffchild2760d ago

@Baka-akaB-that's the issue here. If more of them treated the gig like NN and DH then we'd see a much better level of pay across the board for gaming voice actors. I know a couple of people who've done the job and also acted on stage and on TV/film and they reckon it's harder in some ways to act fora game character but even they admit that a lot of the bigger names(those, tellingly who aren't big gamers themselves)who voice game characters treat it as a poor relation and just go through the motions. Game directors aren't thick and they know who puts their all into it(which is why we see a few names crop up more often these days in big games I guess-directors know they can trust NN, for example, to try his best)and who just phone it in.

I can see how emoting into a microphone, on your own in a little room might be a crappy way to do your acting and a difficult way to stay in the moment and for the extra difficulty the task does deserve more kudos if it's done well but that will only come when more actors themselves take it seriously and with big names like Jack black and Vin Diesel actually putting in big, proud performances(in Vins case as a gamer, IDK about black)maybe that time is coming.

Whatever, we need more actors to treat the job seriously if these actors who do are to get the cash and props they may well deserve. I think it's probably a very different and difficult way to do your acting myself with very little to bounce off and never being sure where the player is in terms of mood when they play through to any of your scenes-a lot less controlled than film and in games with a lot of player choice it must be hard to have to do a voice for each choice and know your character's motivations etc.Tougher than just reading into a microphone-people always think acting's a lot easier than it is until they do it.

If they paid writers better and involved them more i8n the core of games they'd get better stories and scripts and we'd get better games too. One area gaming is still growing up is in marrying all the artistic disciplines together and when it learns how we'll all be better off and part of it is recognising the importance of good actors and good writers to the industry and to games themselves.

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SwilloTGL2760d ago

Yeah, E3 will tell all hopefully

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