Reviewer slams Conduit 2, developer retaliates with negative Amazon book reviews

Gamesradar - "Conduit 2 was hardly beloved by reviewers, but T. Michael Murdock, who reviewed the Wii shooter for Joystiq, really hated it. His review's headline reads, "more like Con-don't-do-it 2," a line he suggests matches the creativity of the entire game, which he goes on to call "lackadaisical trash" and "appalling."

Words like that can hurt, and developer High Voltage was
understandably offended by Murdock's ruthless criticism. However, rather than directing a snide remark at the reviewer, which might have been considered unprofessional, but not unethical, an ill-planned e-mail has brought the full force of the internet's stern head-shaking down on the company"

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Urmomlol3529d ago

Joystiq's review was unprofessional trash. The reviewer said he didn't even bother to play the multiplayer.

Got what he deserved.

Shok3529d ago

The review was completely unprofessional and like Urmomlol said, the reviewer didn't even play the whole game.

That doesn't excuse High Voltage though. They should've been the bigger person and shrugged it off. There will always be haters.

Still, the reviewer should've expected some kinda backlash, being that unfair toward a game.

jwk943529d ago

He played the whole single-player campaign, thought it and it's graphics were garbage, hated everything about it, and blatantly told us what was wrong with the game. So what if he didn't play the multiplayer? As far as i'm concerned, that's a fair review.

rmedtx3529d ago

Not cool. That's a very unprofessional and immature behavior.

3529d ago
Enigma_20993529d ago

Hateful review is responded to with hateful reviews...

... sounds like you all need to do a little growing up...

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