PC Gamer Saints Row 3 preview

Let’s get something cleared up. If you object to the idea of someone being walloped with a giant comedy phallus, then Saints Row: The Third isn’t going to be the game for you. Volition aren’t making any attempt to clean their act up. Not after Saints Row 2’s crude novelty-crammed sandbox swooped in from nowhere and stole away GTA fans disillusioned with the fourth game’s po-faced posturing.[PC Gamer]

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trainsinrdr2804d ago

in all fairness saints row 2 was a good game(at the time) but this looks like shit the graphics are the exact same and its too colourful and cell shaded looking

ThrazN72804d ago

didn't the CEO of thq say that it would graphically rival gta iv? it looks good but nowhere near that level. but saints row should be really fun

ATiElite2804d ago

yep he sure did and so far they are a long way from GTAIV. right now it looks like San Andreas graphical level but if it plays AWESOME like SA then it's all good.

LycanSoldier2804d ago

It's not quite as far behind as SA
but I do agree it isn't GTA4 standards

kramun2804d ago

'Whereas Saints Row 2 committed the cardinal sin of both looking like a PS2 game and still requiring a hefty spec, this instalment is far more densely detailed and the PC version is now being handled in-house to ensure the best possible performance.'

Good to hear, SR2 was an abomination on pc and wasn't supported well at all. If they can ensure it runs well I might just buy it.

ATiElite2803d ago

"you’ll get your hands on astonishingly destructive military hardware such as a laser designator for calling in air strikes and a steerable missile, a la Call of Duty."

well Got Dam! is your character a gangster or an International Terrorist Organization with Government funding. I don't remember The Godfather or Al Capone having Pentagon contracts.

Ducky2803d ago

... so it's like Mercenaries then.

NeoTribe2794d ago

Hope they fix the driving mechanics. Was so arcade goofy.