First Levels of inFamous 2 Video

Enjoy the gameplay of the first inFamous 2 levels

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Angels37853528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

This game is looking to be awesome!!!! I don't understand how people can deny this games beauty especially with all the action thats going on, it's one of the best looking open world games I've ever seen!

showtimefolks3528d ago

i just can't wait to get the hero edition. also people infamous 1 is free on may24th when psn store should be back up if reports are to be believed

get it play it than buy sequel

infamous 1 has one of the best ending in video games ever

rdgneoz33528d ago

Platinumed inFamous 1, waiting for my Hero edition as well. I want to watch the vid, but I'd hate to spoil the beginning

As for the PSN store, besides inFamous 1 being in the store, don't forget the inFamous 2 mission creator beta that will be up as well for PS+.

jack_burt0n3528d ago

Oh infamous 1 was bought for the uncharted 2 beta on launch and I shelved it for 3 months had no idea really how brilliant it was, now have the platinum it was as good as uncharted 1 so its @ masterpiece level imo.
Check the comments :)

Shanks3528d ago

Looks amazing.
The most impressive open world game I've ever seen on consoles.
Seriously, this is just unbelievable.

Fayulah3528d ago

Yea its looking awesome !

jack_burt0n3528d ago


clank5433528d ago

I guess reviews will start coming next week

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The story is too old to be commented.