We Know Gamers - Crysis 2 review

There seems to be a lot of pressure on the shoulders of Crytek this time with their new game, Crysis 2. A deliberate move away from the Jungle to city with Crytek dubbing it “the urban Jungle” but can they do enough to ensure that this sequel can please all of the fans expectations or will it be just a shadow of its former self?

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starchild3526d ago

Nice review. I really had a lot of fun with this game. I love dynamic shooters like Crysis 2 and am very bored of linear, on-rails shooters.

Darkfiber3526d ago

What game were you playing? This is as linear as they come. Terrible game in comparison to the first and Warhead. How it deserves a 9.4 is beyond me. This has to be a joke.

liban-ali3526d ago

You both bring up good points however the gameplay itself is what made Crysis 2 really awesome! Yes you are right, you're practically going from A to B however its how you get there that matters. You dont have to climb up these stairs or go through this tunnel, its almost free even though you are playing within a level :D

Thanks for the comment though.

jetlian3526d ago

you lying. theres was like 2 ways during most of the game! even the old games from what ive seen were similar. They had natural boundries(mountains, hill, walls etc)

liban-ali3526d ago

Thanks I appreciate it :D I had a lot of fun with the game too even though I'm not a huge fan of Fps games (cough Call of duty, cough).

Its my 1st video review so yeah thanks lol

Tyre3526d ago

Good review, people saying this is no different from all those linear FPSs simply didn't get it or lack imagination, awesome game and it deserves the praise.

liban-ali3526d ago

lol @Johanderives thanks dad! and yes I completely agree with you @pepbizmo!