CVG- Gaming Is Nowhere Near The Challenge It Used To Be

CVG: "This week Adam Cafolla asks if games have become too easy and if so how can developers engage more people without removing the challenge.

During a heated debate recently, the subject came up of games being made less difficult to entice more people to play them. On one hand I can see the arguments for such a change: if a game's too hard the majority of players may never reach the end and experience the whole story.

Another point mentioned was that because of this, games are becoming much more linear as developers can't afford to spend time and money on parts of a game no one will ever see."

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Venox20083534d ago

true...and I think that started in this generation.. :)

mandf3534d ago

challenge isn't there but neither is journalistic integrity or standards.

damnyouretall3534d ago

i think games are easier cause controls and controllers have evolved. remember atari and nintendos funky 2 button controller? talk about some difficult shit. not to mention what the developers had to work with. anyways like older games werent linear? thats a joke. its my opinion, and im sure yall will disagree, you always do

ATiElite3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Shit! Go play Eve Online or X3 Terran Conflict!

too many developers have Dumb down their games this Gen. I haven't tossed or smashed a Kb/m or controller out of anger and frustration over a game in a long time. Gaiares for the Sega Genesis is still one of the hardest games I can remember playing.

Edit...a gaming friend of mind has just reminded me that I tossed my mouse 2 months ago during our BFBC2 Lan party. Thanks...prick, i still say you were cheating.

LightofDarkness3534d ago

Witcher 2, friends. I have seen the light, and it is glorious...

Seriously, it's difficult as f**k and it has a metric s**t-tonne of content.

Been playing Xenogears and Chrono Cross as well. Man, the creativity of stories has really gone down the drain these days. Nothing has the emotional impact that the RPGs of old have anymore.

Venox20083533d ago

@damnyouretall .. I don't think it's much about controls.. I think that devs are just appealing to more crowds (don't know casuals or not), but not many people who wants to buy one or another game do play well, so devs make easer games (splinter cell:convinction, enslaved and some others), sure there are exceptions .. so more people can buy them, now lots devs care about business.. because they can bankrupt easily..

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yoge3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

This is so true they don't make games as challenging as they use to. Games are more user friendly now.

PhoenixDevil3534d ago

Yes games are easier now a days, though I grew up with the PS1 so dnt remember the proper golden oldies hardcore games but yh games are increasingly easier I attempt every game I get straight onto the hardest difficulty.

Difficulty is confused with cheapness this gen (looks at Call of Duty) where the 'harder' difficulty is just you die easier and your enemies have magnet bullets on you, this doesnt mean games are less enjoyable, uncharted is relatively easy but that series is great and enjoyable

Oh and Demons Souls *yawn* Platinumed ;) seriously though its an amazing and skilful game that takes ages to work you way through, I recommend to anyone :)

Happythedog3534d ago

True, I've been playing MegaMan 1 on my Psp.

MrBeatdown3534d ago

Doesn't bother me. I play games for fun, not necessarily challenge.

And I can think of plenty of challenging games I've completed on harder difficulties for trophies/achievements. There have been plenty of moments this gen where I've wanted to throw the controller at the TV.

NateCole3534d ago

I see where you are coming from but the truth is only dedicated games would go such length to get trophies and complete those challenging difficulties.

I see it differently from having a game make everyone work off the bat like DS this gen.

Games are just like movies this gen where you just go though it to experience it. There is no real challenge other than just more enemies or smaller health bar or stronger enemies.

Gone are the days that when i complete a game i feel like it was a great achievement finishing it and remember for a long time how great it was to clock it. Now its just a matter of playing though it and finish it and forget it immediately that i complete it.

Its just the sign of time really. Everything is about instant gratification nowdays. Its just the majority nowdays and thats fine.

MrBeatdown3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

I guess what I mean to say is, I enjoy a challenge, but I like the "movie" experience as well. I like the challenge to be there should I want it, which I get from trophies, but first and foremost I like to just sit down and enjoy the experience. I don't necessarily want the enemies to just throw themselves in front of my gun, but I don't always want it to be difficult to the point where I'm glad to be past it and relieved when a checkpoint message pops up, as I find that can take away from the immersion or fun. For example, last night I was playing Crysis 2. I got to a point where the difficulty seemed to spike. I had to fight through between 20 and 30 aliens before getting a checkpoint. It took me five or six tries, and I didn't enjoy it anywhere near as much as I did the areas that only took one or two tries.

I still think there is plenty of challenge out there for the person who wants it, although it may not be there playing through something on "normal" difficulty as often as it used to.

mastiffchild3534d ago

Yeah, for me two things are important and you're hitting on one of them-the meaning of "normal" difficulty HAS gone down or become easier this generation and no mistaking that fact. The other big thing is that, these days, our games are usually games that work and n the past a lot of games got through QA on the verge of being what we might call broken. Christ, Jet Set Willy COULDN'T be finished because it didn't work! These days they'd patch it even if it did ship with a problem but in the old days we'd put it down to the game being stupid hard but sometimes i think it was a glitch or mistake in the code.

So, the arguments come because,even now, devs don't all see "normal" difficulty the same way. Maybe some think normal gamer ability and some just normal person difficulty-if you see what I mean. The big influx of new, casual gamers is leading to this scenario and it might take some time for it to level out imho-but I think the test is there if you want it even if it IS just cheapening things in some genres by making you a bullet magnet or making more enemies spawn forever!Maybe devs have to find more ways(esp in FPS games) to make the difficulty levels cater for everyone-even now a couple of people I kow who used to give me grief for gaming at all and have recently started to get more into it have complained that getting full gamerscores or platinum on games is "too hard" and "unfair" and that not being able to get them makes them feel rubbish. So expect a slew of easier trophies if this is widespread!!

Seriously, they couldn't believe you have to go through most games on the hardest difficulty to get most platinums and that's without even starting on some collectibles! They do NOT understand those at all-mainly because they never had to buy a game that had nothing for you to do(if it didn't have a few things to look for)after you finished it's short campaign which, back in the day, was common. So, whatever happens I imagine "normal" , like small fries at McDonalds being called "regular", will really mean "easy" and "easy" mean "braindead"!

If the new gamers can't platinum even pretty easy games then they certainly won';t, also, being told they only played the game on easy, will they? People have to feel good about themselves when starting a hobby or they will go elsewhere but gaming must ensure it doesn't lose us challenge seekers who kept it alive up til this point either. The difficulties have to be sorted. Simple as that.

BTW, was playing the old Sonic games the other weekend and if I ran into a spike that you couldn't see at a million miles an hour a milliseond after it appeared on screen once I must have done it a thousand times. Is that great game design? No, but if I'd been able to get through first time the game would be,like, a an hour long!! So,most of those things you have to learn by trial and error that meant nobody EVER went clear through a stage of Sonic2 the first time round were needed even if, as I suspect, a few of them weren't placed on purpose to start with.Ijust don;'t think playtesting was anything like it is tosay back then either.

All of this plays into today's situation with difficulty and there's no lack of challenge both on and offline if you want to look for it though we could do with hard meaning hard, easy meaning easy and so on.We'd know where we stood even if we end up with normal meaning easy anyway!!

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