BloodRayne: Betrayal screenshots

BloodRayne: Betrayal first screenshots

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Hoje03082801d ago

Didn't know this was the direction they were taking the game. Thanks, but no thanks.

gamer78042801d ago

i hope these are early dev screenshots, because they don't look so good. I'd rather have the graphics from the original even.

ZombieAssassin2801d ago

Wow, I remember when I heard that they were releasing a new BloodRayne game I thought "sweet, the first one was cool"...but after seeing how they are doing this one they just lost a sale.

NarooN2800d ago

Looks like a PSN/XBLA release. Maybe they're doing this as a hint that a true sequel is coming.

And Rayne...yeah she could suck my blood any day if she were real.