Raging Bull: Top 10 Reasons RAGE Will Bulldoze The Competition

GR - "There are many reasons to look forward to RAGE, but ten reasons sum up the game's ability to bulldoze its competition in the FPS genre"

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gameseveryday2706d ago

lets see why it will be a great game:

1. 60 fps
2. Id software
3. John Carmack

Day one buy for me.

trounbyfire2706d ago

right just like rage was the next graphics king, funny how those articles vanished, same with brink people said it was the next graphics king and not even close

palaeomerus2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

4. Post apocalyptic setting (not quite worn out yet)
5. arcady combat racing
6. open-hub and dungeon style design.

CrimsonEngage2706d ago

This is what Borderlands should have looked like. Day one here too! Have a bubble.

halocursed2706d ago

I agree, but you think it will match up against the likes of Borderlands in terms of cooperative gameplay?

CrimsonEngage2706d ago

Co-op wise probably not but not much has been said about the co-op in Rage yet so i will hold off on the judgment until then. :3

elite-shot2706d ago

It's not what borderlands should be! Borderlands was a amazing game and all though similar it took a different style to rage and the visuals suit that style!

CrimsonEngage2705d ago

True, but Borderlands was originally not going to look the way it did. It was going to look like Rage. The cell shaded art style turned me away from Borderlands. Now Rage will make up for that. :D

rabidpancakeburglar2706d ago

I didn't know that it had a teen rating considering the massive violence shown in the trailers, looks like this game has entered my top 5 for this year

CoD5112706d ago

Well, to be honest, it doesn't really look that amazing to me :/

trainsinrdr2706d ago

im gonna be honest and say it looks like shit lol

morbid2372706d ago

i cant wait for this game, i pre ordered months ago. If i had to choose this or mw3 i would pick rage in a heartbeat.

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