Eye of Judgment Fixed on Retail

Today Sony announced The Eye of Judgment, its fantasy card game that makes use of the PlayStation Eye, has shipped to retail outlets. Developed with the input of Wizards of the Coast, makers of Magic: The Gathering, Judgment allows players to combat opponents around the world through the PlayStation Network.

"Wizards of the Coast brings experience and credibility to the table as the market leader in the collectable card game industry," said Jeff Reese, director, software marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America. "Combined with the immense power of PS3 and the new PlayStation Eye camera, we collectively looked to deliver a revolutionary spin on the trading card game genre. The ability to visually interact with cards built around a new franchise will bring in core trading card fans and video gamers alike."

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Spike474065d ago

so curious to see if this game will sell well and be a huge thing like yugioh.

I mean if you look at it through the fans of playing cards and other 8 year olds and former yugioh fans, this is pretty amazing.

however, you have to get a ps3 to play it, which might be the huge hurdle to overcome for this game.

since people. don't wanna spend 400 dollars on a ps3 justt to get one game.

much like I don't wanna spend money on a 360 just for halo3.

crazy250004065d ago

but those who already have a ps3 might want planning on buying this after i get my hdtv first,

God Willing

Chris3994065d ago


So I don't really care as much as I should. The games are rolling in now. Don't really have the time to play everything I want to. Haven't even finished Folklore yet.

- C

duarteq4065d ago

Why is the EOJ selling in Portugal with Spanish play Cards ? i don't have anything against Spain but the least Sony could do was use the universal language, english.

The game is nice and the camera have a lot of potencial ( camera firmware upgrades )