CVG- E3 2011's Most Anticipated: Zelda: Skyward Sword

CVG: "As last year's E3 demo showed, Skyward Sword invites us to experience swordplay as never before.

Alas, part of this means bodging up swordplay as never before. Call it a learning experience. Nintendo have certainly been attentive in class. After the relatively simple slashing in last year's E3 demo, they arrived at this year's Game Developers Conference to show off how far the combat has come."

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a08andan2733d ago

I LOOOOOVE the kind of graphics that Zelda: Skyward Sword has. Almost every single game out there has "real world"- graphics, but this is so much better. I love colors, but unfortunately I don't have a Wii :( And I'm gonna wait til Wii 2 comes out ^^

tunaks12732d ago

I can't wait for SS. But the debut trailer was disappointing. Compare its debut to TP.

ChickeyCantor2732d ago

I gues TPs kind of debut takes away the focus of what Nintendo is trying to introduce. Its clearly that they wanted to focus on some mechanics.

E3 could bring a definite trailer though.

tunaks12732d ago

Thats true, TP's debut trailer was more cinematic, it didn't even have a name then. I hope Nintendo gives us a cinematic trailer this e3 with some story bits.