DaleAlStick: Infamous Review. "Welcome Back" pack Guide.

We are reviewing the five games that Sony is offering to it's customers as a compensation for the PSN outage. Today it's Infamous turn.

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Balflear872706d ago

If something's is wrong i'd like to get advices, it's my first submit :) thanks

trounbyfire2705d ago

can you do a LBP video because it is my second choice be default and i don't know the appeal of it. it looks uber simple and is the LBP1 community stil active.

MintBerryCrunch2705d ago

the game is definitely not simple...if you do get it...just try some of the top user created levels...your mind will be blown...

plus the single player itself can be challenging...on top of that, you can do co-op in the game...can be super fun, but also annoying depending on the player and how well they understand a level and what they are suppose to do

Balflear872705d ago

I can use my capture device for LBP, what do you exactly want to see? a general overview? :P

2705d ago
MintBerryCrunch2705d ago

i would embed the video because its pretty awesome...good overview of the game considering that it is google translate

Balflear872705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Thank you, i'll try to do this stuff in native English as well as in Spanish in the future when i have time to do so... as for the video thing, i'll remember it next time i submit something :)

trounbyfire2705d ago

i never brought infamous because it felt too much like a shooter but the best part was climbing around the city.

since infamous and LBP are the only games that interest me from the WBP i'll get them,