PS3's 1.94 firmware adds support for DualShock 3

If you want to experience rumble with your PS3 games as soon as possible, you're going to have to go on a quest of sorts. First, time travel into next month (or wait a couple of weeks) and import a DualShock 3 from Japan. Next, you're going to need the PS3's new firmware, 1.94, but sadly, it isn't available for download yet.

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R2-JD4016d ago

I have a white Dual Shock 3 ordered and can't wait to get it.

My question is: why put out a firmware update that supports a controller that won't be out in North America until spring???

Another question is why is Sony even waiting until spring for the NA release?


Darkiewonder4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

May as well do it now rather than wait.

EDIT: Yeah. EyeCreate is out in the NA PSN Store. So the 1.94 update will most likely add more support to that too.

Marceles4016d ago

I can't wait to get my white one too. Uncharted + DS3 = PS3 happiness this year.

PopEmUp4016d ago

Hey you guys, I don't think there will be a 1.94 firmware update simply the 2.0 is coming toward the end of October or early next month and by the way, why would Sony introduce 1.94 for so long since all other firmware comes way faster than this one, plus Sony would never get an update firmware for Ps3 just for rumble support that just stupid and waste of time

Einherjaren4016d ago

Don't think the 1.94 is due.. Sony ain't wastin' any time nowadays!!
Or maybe they just want to reassure consumers that the DS3 is really coming!

Why have a white controller to a black machine?? That doesn't make any sense!!

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AtlREMF3114016d ago

manufacture the controlers in the scale that america needs in their stores. Japan is a smaller country so it would be easier to mass produce a smaller amount. I guess they want to make sure they made enough to ship to everyone..

jaja14344016d ago

About 130 million people. About 1/2 that of the U.S.

aaquib54016d ago

Im sick and tired of these measly little updated. 1.81, 1.92, 1.93, and now 1.94?? They were all useless. Just give us 2.0 with in-game XMB you loafts. I bet you someone is going to argue with me saying that they want to fix the bugs on in-game XMB? Well if you're about to say that, check yourself. This is proof Sony is plain lazy. They showed off the feature in MARCH 2006, and it is October 2007. I can't possible believe that they took over 18 months to get "the bugs out."

Edwin19894016d ago

I totally agree with you! I don't understand why there are 5 disagree's too... stupid 1.94, give us 2.0!


be happy you even have a PS3..some poor souls have an XBOX !! LOL!

frizshizzle4016d ago

The PS3 use to have 768mb of ram before it was scaled back to 512mb to cut costs this was probably why in-game xmb was cut at launch. I found an interesting article why it has taken so long.

Ri0tSquad4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

Thanx for the info frizshizzle.
Sucks SOny cut the memory tho.....and it explains why were waiting.
Great read and they made some pretty good points to some solutions for it to happen.

Bubbles 4 you

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lovedaddy4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

I don't think so? I've been using a rumble controller from Sony with a 1.93 retail kit for a few weeks. Both GT5 demo and Rachet and Clank demo support rumble already.

Maybe there is some extra features, but it seems to work fine to me.

Einherjaren4016d ago

1.93 retail kit?? WTF??

Rumble is an unessecary feature anyways..

skynidas4016d ago

well im sure that the dualshock 3 will sell more on japan than in america

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