Final Fantasy Type-0 Airship Battle Gameplay Footage

Check out another footage which featuring some airship battle gameplay footage in Final Fantasy Type-0

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Kamikaze1353530d ago

Looks like I'm getting a PSP...even though the NGP is right around the corner, this looks too good to pass up

bobbyluv3530d ago


midgard2273530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

oddly the best psp games have been square enix's doing so far, with crisis core, kingdom hearts birth by sleep, dissidia 1 and 2 valkyrie profile etc

RedDead3530d ago

Wtf? This looks that FF? With Airship combat? And the other 9 min vid aswell nomnomnom

Good FF again Finally, hoping Versus and Xiii-2 follow suit

UnbiasedGamer3530d ago

here is the video if anyone doesn't want to download it.

Ohhh that looks great! Seems like Square Enixs handle games are great..not so much of their console games these days.

- Dissida 1 & 2
- FF Crysis Core
- Kingdom Hearts BBS
- Final Fantasy Type Zero

Graphics look great on the PSP :D

stealth500k3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

graphics are irrelevant. The gameplay of those games is whats good

They put amazing games on the ds as well

UnbiasedGamer3530d ago

Yeah atleast and hopefully Versus 13 turns out great :D and 13-2 is coming out aswell...

Capt-FuzzyPants3530d ago

I actualy think 13-2 will be a pretty good game. And Versus is bound to be my favorite game from this gen. Im a KH fan and when KH combat meets a dark story and is under the FF name it will be great. It already has my favorite soundtrack just from the one song,Somnus.

Godmars2903530d ago

What are the chances they'll offer this as a DL for the NGP?Even with the trouble Square is in, I can't see them ignoring the platform and only offering this on UMD. Even though it is Square...

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