Final Fantasy Type-0 9 Minutes Gameplay Footage

check out the latest footage of Final Fantasy Type-0 which featuring airship transportation, battle, exploration gameplay

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pedrami912707d ago

I knew there was a new vid :)

But is there a Youtube version perhaps ? this one is loading incredibly slow for me for some reason.

MoDyDo2707d ago

Nah not only for you :(
I'll leave it to download, man so excited about this game XD

bobbyluv2707d ago

this game looks amazing, this could possibly become their best selling portable game

MoDyDo2706d ago

Boy oh boy it looks perfect, awesomely awesome can't wait
@bobbyluv indeed and i see some resemblance of crisis core but it's really much way better in terms of gameplay, as of story we shall wait and see

Ddouble2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Youtube link, don't know how to embed. eOUv4g

Godmars2902706d ago

Can't help but think this is Square pulling their same old crap of not showing content that they should. At least this looks promising.

midgard2272706d ago

????? what content should they show if its not story, gameplay, open world map, airships etc?

this game and FFV13 look amazing

Godmars2902706d ago

But this isn't Square officially showing anything. This is either a leak or a staged leak that could have been offered at better quality. If the latter then its an attempt to manipulate or measure fan response which again could have been done better with an official showing.

tablav2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

If it is a staged leak though, this is perfect. Getting people stoked before some more real info at E3 perhaps?

Or would they be more likely to wait for the TGS?

[email protected] @Verminox - There you go then.

Verminox2706d ago

Square showed this off yesterday at a Dissidia Tournament which was streamed.

Ddouble2706d ago

Battle system, world map, airship are all on point.

Good lord we need a release date on this game now.

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The story is too old to be commented.