The Best PS3 Setup Ever [PIC]

Geekfill - "This is probably one of the best PS3 setups we’ve ever seen, the wiring art on the wall is simply amazing and makes the living room look much cleaner."

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UnbiasedGamer2800d ago

That is a classy setup , liking the wire design lol How about replace the fat with PS3 Slim?

starcb262800d ago

But the fat ps3 has a piano black finish, which makes it look classier.

morganfell2800d ago

I have several PS3s One is a 60GB launch with an upgraded HDD. Can't beat having that PS2 backwards compatibility. Downgrading to a slim would cost you that feature.

EeJLP-2800d ago


You can beat it with HD upgrade compilations on a scratch resistant Blu-ray with trophies, 16x9, higher fps, 3D, Move controls (if you're into that), bonus content, etc.

Panthers2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

The fat PS3 has all of that as well though. Not sure I see your point.

CameronL992800d ago

What's with the wine glass? Trust me, this guy isn't entertaining classy women with boxed Red Wine and Army of Two lol

jadenkorri2800d ago


wow lack of knowledge, its like the ps3 never came out until the slim.

sobekflakmonkey2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Yeah, I'm diggin the fat PS3, I don't think the person who owns this set up and took this picture is a gamer though, just a hunch, it's an amazing setup, even the furniture, got the candles for mood, plants sitting around to make it look healthy almost, glass of wine while listening to some tunes, speakers in the wall, this person is no gamer, just a classy person, and it's not a bad thing or anything. lol

Edit: and when I say "Gamer" I mean like hardcore gamer, this guy or girl is probably a gamer, but not spending nights and nights in a row playing video games.

Boody-Bandit2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

The wires are cute but that's not how you position a sound system. I have seen setups that makes this look meh at best. Just visit a couple ht forums and go to their gaming sections. Hell I like a couple of my setups a lot more than this. One this is for sure, I have a lot better hardware.

espiritu6042799d ago

The only thing left is a beer hat

SaiyanFury2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

While it is indeed a creative setup, it in no way dwarves my setup. I have my PS3 run through my Yamaha RX1800 1000 watt, 7.1 channel receiver with two JBL 500 watt subwoofers and 9 surround speakers and with DTS, Dolby Digital, and LCM surround, I like my setup very well. Also that my receiver is run into my 61" 1080p HDTV is also very nice. Creative setup yes. Best setup, no. Am I trying to argue that mine is best. Not in the least. Just because that setup is quite creative, doesn't make it the best.

RedDevils2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Do anyone know how to get that visualization on that picture for the ps3?

starcb262799d ago

130 agrees and no bubbles :(

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Scary692800d ago

@unbiased gamer

You crazy that ps3 is nicer then the slim and it goes with the whole setup.

Washington-Capitals2800d ago

I think this is photo shopped. Or im just jealous.

the_best_player2800d ago

Fat or Slim if you have none you will miss out on all of Sony's First party games :)

zero_gamer2800d ago

I am probably one of the few that prefers the design of the slim over the fat one, and I have both. Then again it's just my opinion. The PS3 Slim feels nostalgic (like a PS2).

RedDevils2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

couple of days I said fat ps3 is way better looking than the slim and people were jumping on me, well look at them now LOL

RedDead2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Is that the one where you said it looks better than 360 slim? That's why you got disagrees...360s looks sexy, I dunno how MS manage to come up with that filthy 360 Fat design. Looks like crap, however the 360s is fu**ing nice and is a bit better looking than Ps3 fat....imo

Whats on the inside though right? In this case at least

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KillerPwned2800d ago

How they lined up the wires is my favorite part to. It has that technological look to it.

meetajhu2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

This epic fail setup. Just for picture purpose. The ps3 wall mounting is just going to create scratches on legacy ps3's as they are extremely polished. On top of that its going to collect dust from walls. So much fail. And due to vibrations its going to fall one day.

tablav2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

In that vain, you could say that anybody that modifies a PS3 is fail because it's not how it ORIGINALLY was. And besides, you can only scratch something if it's in contact with something else, like people who leave their game cases on top of the machine. I somehow don't see that happening in this setup.

As for falling of of the wall, I do agree with that, but it all depends on what fixings (in any) are used. Besides, even if it does only stay on the wall for 2 years or so, the system might need to be replaced by then.

It's a good setup and clean design. I like it when people do something a little different.

EDIT: Just saw how it was done. Okay, maybe it will fall down. :-/

DeadIIIRed2800d ago

I like the setup (especially the wires, I may copy this with my sound system), but I agree with mounting the PS3 so high up. I get nervous just standing my PS3 upright, let alone elevating it almost 5 feet in the air.

HappyGaming2800d ago

@DeadIIIRed OMG YES!!!

Great idea I can do the same with the wires from my surround sound system...

Five wires can come out of the base and slowlly crawl up behind the TV in a nice techno alignment like in the picture and they can each go to a corner of the room where the speakers are!!!

Much better than just following the corners of the walls to the speakers...

:D My room is going to look so sexy once I do this!

hiredhelp2800d ago

Nice setup shame cant see the rear speakers. Guessin its not 2.0 surround.
Id go with a wider telly thoe but other than that. (envy)

aGameDeveloper2800d ago

Looks nice, but I wouldn't want my stereo sound coming from the ceiling.

50Terabytespersec2800d ago

Beautiful , Slim is ugly fat was Piano gorgeous just had to put in in the right place!! Great job envious!!

hiredhelp2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

TRUE!! ive had a fat 60gb upgraded too YLOD on me paid sony got referb that went in next month from repair centre they extended my warrantee to a year. i started to get freeezing issues with another replacement fat so i got a slim.

sure slim works doesnt get as hot.
but i miss the phat

just really nice design sure little heavy but was very nice. now im down to 2 usb ports less ventalation holes. ohh well.

lil Titan2800d ago

By the Gods of Olympus, wait...changing disc must be difficult and weird

STREET x KING2800d ago

All this needs is a better tv.

NateCole2800d ago

Hey, leave fatty alone.

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gapecanpie2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )


Just regular DTS and Dolby Digital and not DTS-HD/MA and Dolby Digital HD even tho DD sucks.

Just wondering to anyone who knows but when it come down to the best TV's do it goes LED>Plasma>LCD>DLP? I think DLP TV's are the worst but me my self I have 55inch plasma and I love it :)

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soundslike2800d ago

Classy indeed.

but why are these stylish designer-esque rooms always having the TV far away or at an awkward angle from the furniture?

Squinting eyes and head titled 45 degrees constantly...

tablav2800d ago

That's just how the photo has been taken. The scene is dressed in the foreground to make it seem more realistic. That's not actually how anyone would have their furniture.

It looks like the sort of shot used to advertise a company that creates these setups.

steve30x2800d ago

My 40" TV is 10 fet away from my sofa. Its not good for your eyes to sit close to a monitor or TV.

bozebo2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )


Any evidence for this? Scientific whitepapers maby?


Also, monitors are designed specifically to be sat close to.

Solidus187-SCMilk2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

the only thing cool about it is that the wires look neat like that.

I think the best setup ever would have a bigger TV, bigger speakers, no wires at all showing, better couches/chairs, bongs and a kegarator instead of candles and wine. Also wouldnt use my PS3 as a decoration. he must have bought a longer cord to charge his controller, or charges it through other USB things.

Oldsnake0072800d ago


looks cool but I would not feel safe when playing and would fear that my Ps3 could fall anytime.

T-K47x2800d ago

I know yeh thats why I would never want to mount my TV on the wall

NBT912800d ago

If you can afford all that, you could prolly afford to replace a PS3 or two =D

Cherchez La Ghost2800d ago

???! Hdtv's are 3x the weight of a PS3. He has it mounted on the stud of the wall. That some DiY work. Now he got me thinking to do the same thing instead of putting the wires imside of the wall. That's perfect for a man cave. Damn, this concept got me thinking!!!! Beautiful artwork right there.

Giant_Chibi2800d ago

Here's the actual source if you want to know how it was done.