Exclusive Q&A with Nan McNamara aka. Anya Stroud from Gears

It's here, the final article of Console Monsters Gears Monster Week and what a week it's been. CM has looked at the weapons in Gears of War, delved into the various locations and even given gamers struggling online a helping hand with Gears of War hints and tips.

Console Monsters final article is an exclusive interview with Nan McNamara, also known as Anya Stroud in the Gears of War franchise. Originally from St. Paul, Minnesota, Nan McNamara is an accomplished actress, appearing on stage, screen and behind the microphone. She has voiced characters in Gears of War, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Tony Hawks Project 8, Ghost Hunter and is more widely known as Dr Betty Ross in the Ultimate Avengers.

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That was a cool interview, she seems to genuinely love what she is doing in the Gears universe.