Gaming Age: L.A. Noire Review

Gaming Age writes "Great when you're actually playing Detective, not so great when you're shooting guys in the face."

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Best3528d ago

Weak website trying to get hits.

stealth500k3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

people are allowed to have negative opinions.

Thats the beauty of having minds of our own.

They arent the same.

LOGICWINS3528d ago

lol I wonder how many people commented just looking at the score.

Obelisk923528d ago

"... not so great when you're shooting guys in the face."

Which is... 1% of the game? More or less?

TBM3528d ago

I know its his opinion, but that is a BS score for such an awesome and brilliant game. His gaming opinion is null and void imo.

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gillri3528d ago

indeed im loving,

but being a slower paced game alot of people arent gonna like it as much

wumster3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Im not trying to bash or disrespect anyone regarding their opinion but just because their opinion doesn't go along with others makes them wack or trying to get hits on their site?

I want to ask this question to the readers. If Rockstar wasn't associated with this game, would you still give it praise (minus the facial animation technology) for gameplay?

Take away that technology, and what would you rate the game?

xPhearR3dx3528d ago

The whole point of the game is investigation and interrogation. Without the Motionscan technology the interrogations wouldn't be the same. That technology is a key part of the game. It's like saying would you still play a FPS if they took all the guns out.

stealth500k3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

They kinda would be the same. Interrogations have happened in other games with alot less tech.

@ below.

Pheonix wright theres interrogations with alot more thought.

In that game evidence is more appropriately used and you have to use your brain instead of easy tells.

la Noire is getting the same range of reviews pheonix wright has. La noire has a gamerankings in the 80's, so does pheonix wright. Dont act so high and mighty.

xPhearR3dx3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

And what games would that be were it was actually good? In L.A Noire you rely on that technology to read peoples faces and emotions to determine if they're lying. That's not in ANY other video game.

EDIT: You're really comparing a Nintendo DS game to L.A Noire? I think I've finally seen it all.

@wumster - Well it could actually be both. In BF you don't really rely on destructible environments to get through the game. In any FPS, you rely on the guns to get you through the game...well and your knife. In L.A Noire you rely on that technology to gain clues and whereabouts of suspects from the information gathered during interrogations.

wumster3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )


Hmmm...actually it would be more along the lines of what if Dice removed the destructible environments in BF. You are referring to removing a key element that defines its genre.

But I know what you mean.

xPhearR3dx3528d ago


I wasn't talking about the review scores, and no L.A Noire is not getting the same review scores as Pheonix Wright.

I'm talking about the fact you're comparing interrogation of a 2D game to a 3D game.

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Solid_Snake-3528d ago

SO TRUE. if it was given a 10/10 then im sure people wouldnt be trolling the site. its the way the world works these days. you cant have an opinion unless its a good one.

FunAndGun3528d ago

Andre 3000 and Big Boi need to make another record!

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cyborg69713528d ago

The point of this game isn't gun play its detective work and interrogation the second completely dependant on the facial animation.

You can't review a game by taking out the major components that the game is based on. Or what ifs.

TBM3528d ago

Well wumster id still think it would be an awesome and brilliant game. These types of games is what I want more of.

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a08andan3528d ago

Whenever you review a game, you have to have a clear perspective of what the game is supposed to be and judge how well it lives up to that. And one thing L.A Noire isn't supposed to be is a game where you shoot people in the face. So if you complain about something that the game isn't supposed to be, then you have the wrong perspective when reviewing.

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