L.A. Noire banned in UAE [MEGamers]

"After a week long trial at the NMC [local government] offices, news has come that L.A. Noire, Rockstar's latest crime thriller, has been, unsurprisingly, banned in the region."

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Hellsvacancy2706d ago ShowReplies(2)
Optical_Matrix2706d ago

Why though? Can someone explain

Apocwhen2706d ago

No reason given.
Could be the violence or Nudity they say.

Glad I live in a free country that's not overrun by ridiculous politics, religion or the naked human body

zackacloud2706d ago

No No

Because of nudity

Banned games because of violence it most rediulous things i ever heared

But Come on didn't that granny make EA change things in medal of honnor becaue of her grandson dead by taliban

Isn't that sound ridilculous in your free country ??

I'am not defencing or attacking any country

just said the truth

Panthers2706d ago

Well the difference is that EA changed it on their own. The government didnt force them too. Companies dont want to be too offensive for the most part, and while I dont agree with it, it has nothing to do with the government. Just a business decision.

gaffyh2706d ago

It's almost definitely the nudity, the violence is relatively minimal compared to other games that have released in UAE.

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AlienFodder2706d ago

*yawn* It seems that those people ban just about every game that has some sort of violent content anyway... Nothing new here.

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The story is too old to be commented.