inFAMOUS 2, exclusive interview with Brian Fleming |

The Producer and co-founder of Sucker Punch answers some curiosity about the changes made ​​to the implementations and the sequel to the hit title during his presentation.

During the presentation of inFAMOUS 2, the second title of the series designed by Sucker Punch, we had the opportunity to interview Brian Fleming, founder of one of the creators and production team.

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trainsinrdr2759d ago

i just dont see where all the hype for infamous 2 is coming from the first one was a solid 6/10 for me

Saint-Revlot2759d ago

No wonder you have 1 bubble.

smashman982759d ago

LOL the rule is troll hard or dont troll at all and this guy is definitely trolling hard, I heard u guys feed off negativity so here you go have a disagree and - bub