The celebrities behind L.A Noire and how they stack up in game

LGG Writes: L.A Noire Noire is a game with many familiar faces, but who are they and what are they famous for? We take a look at some of the celebrities involved in L.A Noire and how they stack up in-game.


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xPhearR3dx3528d ago

This being the first time this technology is being used in a video game, I think it did a very good job of capturing everything making it resemble the real person. It has a few hiccups with motion blur, but if this technology is used in future games. We could start seeing some really crazy stuff.

Soldierone3528d ago

If they just put the effect behind the facial animations into the body animations and work out a few things it would be amazing to see what comes of it.

Im more interested to see what comes of it beyond videogames.

captain-obvious3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

this game and Heavy Rain got the best (real life to game) face input in gaming industry

but overall + the animation goes to this game for sure

cogniveritas3528d ago

I wasn't as overwhelmed by the faces as I thought I would be. At some points the do look amazing but they went out of the way to make people's faces super expressive to show off the technique. As a consequence when people are moving their faces really fast I can't help but see normal mapping textures sliding/fading all over and around their faces rather than actual skin folding and wrinkling. It's definitely a step forward though.

Elwenil3528d ago

One thing that impressed me about LA Noire that I haven't seen anyone bring up yet is the fact that the faces are normal looking and they stay that way though th emotions. Many games have a character's face look good at one angle but if they turn their head or look up or down the effect is lost and there face takes on a skewed look like a 2D pic stretched in Photoshop. LA Noire's faces seemed to look good at all angles and didn't have any odd un-lifelike oddities like the stretching or broken neck look that I remember.

g5bay3528d ago

heavy rain already did it Rockstargames is overated.

Rattlehead203528d ago

Heavy Rain did it nowhere to this extent.

The faces do look amazing in HR but the lip-syncing is still off as well as the faces looking a bit stiff.

Baka-akaB3528d ago

your sentence doesnt even make sense , even if it were true .

1 . it's a team bondi game

2 . got nothing to do with rockstar being overrated on not since the article is about how well modelised actors are

3 . It's not about who did it first , but how well modelised the actors are

Si-Fly3528d ago

If L.A. Noire was a 360 exclusive I'd expect fanboy rivalry but he can buy it for his PS3... Extreme fanboyism must involving flaming multi-plats lol.

pr0digyZA3528d ago

@ Si-Fly I think by that comment that he means that a multiplatform game beats an exclusive and the guy is getting defensive.

ZBlacktt3528d ago

It was made for the PS3. Ported down to 3 DVD's. Just saying...

Theyellowflash303528d ago

Yeah Heavy Rain isn't even close.

MitchGE3528d ago

Heavy Rain has far more detailed faces, and L.A. Noire has far more detailed expressions. There ya go.

Arnon3528d ago

That doesn't even make sense. An expression is part of the face. If the face is able to perform said expressions, wouldn't that mean there's more detail for the face that can do said expressions?

Colmshan19903528d ago

I think he means that Heavy Rain's textures look more realistic, but when they move, the movement doesn't feel right.
LA Noire loses the physical detail, but nails the behaviour of the skin and muscles in the face, so it looks more natural.
At least, that's what I think anyway. Both games are awesome.

Headquarters113527d ago

Supposedly David Cages next PS3 exclusive outdoes LA Noire and Heavy Rain. I'll be interested to see how it turns out

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kingboy3528d ago

Rockstar only published the game

gillri3528d ago

well they didnt just publish it

the have had a huge influence on this, besides the in your face humour, their stamp is all over this game

the presentation is almost indentical

Elwenil3528d ago

One look at the credits will tell you that Rockstar seems to have done more than publish the game. There was a pretty good list of directors for this and that under Rockstar in the credits. Still, I'm sure most of the credit goes to Team Bondi.

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Rybakov3528d ago

they forgot Greg Grunberg from Heroes he is in Noire

taylork373528d ago

Yep....and they also got Mickey Cohens real identity completely wrong. It is Patrick Fischler.

LightSamus3528d ago

I was gonna mention Greg :P One of the few people I actually recognised in the game.

EditorAtGNG3528d ago

That list has some incredibly talented actors. Well, you gotta hand it to Rockstar for always hiring the best and most suitable actors for their games.

xPhearR3dx3528d ago

Yea Rockstar always does a great job getting the right actors for their games.

Ninjamonkey823528d ago

I knoiw heavy rain somewhat brought something like this to the plate. But i still can't get over the scale of this whole thing. Walking threw streets seeing people watch there smiles that will throw you every time. Amazing tbh.

xPhearR3dx3528d ago

Yea Heavy Rain did bring something to the plate, but Rockstar took it a step further. While both games are pretty linear, L.A Noire has a massive world free to explore and seeing this technology while like you said, just "walking down the street" is pretty amazing. Both are great games :)

One thing you might not know is you can enter all the buildings throughout the story in free roam, but you can also sit down anywhere inside by pressing Y or Triangle. It's pretty cool going into a coffee shop or something, take a seat and watch how the people react around you.

Ninjamonkey823528d ago

Hadn't tried that yet tbh will give it ago thanks m8 :) Ive been to busy with the story lol.

RedDevils3528d ago

I like this game when it was raining, it make seem so real to me lol

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