L.A. Noire found for just £30

When the reviews starting coming out for L.A. Noire it pulled no surprises, with great review scores as always for Rockstar. However, the initially 'not interested' may become very interested now that it has been found for a bargain of £30 by aGamingSite

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b_one3527d ago

They want to sell it ASAP, maybe afraid of reviews

DUNCAN10923527d ago

well i picked it up at midnight on release day and got it for £35 which is a bargain as its well worth a play

guigsy3527d ago

Morrisons £35, they always sell new release games for that price.

BinaryMind3526d ago

Just make sure it's not the European 360 version or you likely will be looking forward to three "Disc 2"'s in the box!