Fans Choosing Cover Star For Next WWE Game?

Change is coming to the Smackdown vs. Raw games. THQ wants the fans to choose who should be on the cover of this year’s game too.

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CrimsonEngage2709d ago

The Rock. If they refuse, me and THE MIILLLLLLLIOOOOONS... of The Rock's fans will be paying THQ a visit.

StanSmith2707d ago

I think its about time Kane was on the cover. He's been in every WWE game since Warzone but has yet to be on the cover of one of the games.

belal2708d ago

they should make a story mode where you can use any character, i just don't like that you only can choose some guys. And they should have better online system.

CrimsonEngage2708d ago

I much prefer the old style "road to wreslemania" that was in WWF No Mercy for the N64. You could use any character and it was fun. Still THE BEST wrestling game ever made. In the new games you can't even go from the ring to back stage! Seriously? wtf?

2707d ago
blu3print2707d ago

Don't matter how many votes somebody else gets it's going to be John Cena...We know it's rigged and they like to force John Cena down our throats

CobraKai2705d ago

I agree. No matter how many arenas cheer "Cena Sucks", he'll always be crammed down the throats of the masses.

Ace_Man_62702d ago

I 100% agree with you, BUT on the UK front cover for WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2011, Cena isn't there at all :)

Father Murder X2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

CrimsonEngage,have you tried WWE Smackdown: Bring the Pain? I bought it for 5 bucks last week. It is better than WWE No Mercy.I have No MErcy for my n64 but Bring the Pain is better. The funny thing is that its for the p2s (i have a 60 gig phat Ps3) but the graphics look just as good as the newer wwe titles. The roster is awesome. They have Kurt angle, Brock Lesner, Goldberg, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold, The Rock, Ric Flair, Undertaker, Kane, HHH, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit,Eddie Guerro to name a few. It has the greatest roster in wrestling game history. The gameplay is very similiar to No Mercy. Things went down hill for THQ after this game was released. Gamestop has it for 5 bucks.

jbl3162707d ago

Awesome. Yea "Here Comes The Pain" is my favorite wrestling game too. I bought it full price though back in 2003 lol. Still have it and play it on my PS2 from time to time.

belal2707d ago

i liked wwe smack down vs raw ( the first one), it was pure fun, no stamina etc. just fun.

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