J. Thompson advocates Manhunt 2 Ban

Game-hating attorney Jack Thompson appears on Fox News to advocate the absolute banning on Manhunt 2 in the U.S. Did they not cover the 1st Amendment when he went to law school?

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ReBurn4017d ago

I'm for completely ignoring this fool. Responding to his self-inflicted rage and butthurt only empowers him. When we quit caring about him he stops mattering.

Salvadore4017d ago

Everytime somebody is trying to argue against them, he quickly interrupts them.

ShiftyLookingCow4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

wtf this guy is so anal. He doesn't even allow the opposing guy to talk. Hell even Nasim looks like an Angel in comparison this piece of garbage.

Fox new "Fair & Balanced" sucks just as usual

Godoftheweek4017d ago

Fox "News" makes the King of propaganda himself "Josef Goebels" jelous.

I cannot believe that this @#$&^[email protected]# STILL gets on TV. This just goes to show that the media is either IGNORANT on videogames or that they just do it for ratings. My money is on ratings. How can a reputable news station NOT do research on the nuttchugger and see that he is not an "expert" on anything except blowing smoke up peoples rear-ends.

This is the kinda crap that makes me sick that I am living in an America who's core values built on freedom and choice are going down the drain under the veil of "PROTECT THE CHILDREN."

We as gamers need to let our voices be heard by our congressmen....write them, tell them to leave videogames choice to rational adults. Tell them to spend their time on REAL issues such as child abuse, homelessness, healthcare, rising gas prices, and so on.

Pathetic the state this country is in.
Thanks Neo-Conservatives and Fundy Christians...thanks alot.

4017d ago
Komrad4017d ago

the integrity of fox news is so... predictable.

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The story is too old to be commented.