Gaming Age reviews Ratchet :TOD :- A- (90%)

Another good review for Ratchet has come in . This time it is from Gaming Age.

Details of the review below :-

The game may be on the easy side, but it's not "short". Even with just a little exploration, playing through should take 10+ hours, making it the perfect length. It's definitely longer than Halo 3, Heavenly Sword and Lair, to be sure. My only other real complaint regarding the game is that it's very by-the-numbers installment in the series. It has the beautiful next-gen visuals, new weapons and gadgets and even some well-implemented motion controlled segments, though overall it does nothing out of the ordinary or unexpected. It's an enjoyable, beautiful ride that just seems kind of familiar in the end. As long as you aren't expecting anything more than that, you'll be highly entertained and totally glued to your PlayStation 3 until the game is complete and you've saved the universe once again.

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ssbains4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

Game graphics are on par with Pixar
Its a Ratchet game- familiar with platforming and general adventure
It is fun to play, visuals are way cool as is sound and looong.
Finished Planet McKauw level and moving onto Asteriod Nang belt.
FUN -- highly recommend it to platform fans.

It is a AAA title, best value for money so far.

unlimited4014d ago

Damn your lucky i wont get mines till next week.. a lot of great reviews..

cloud3604014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

I dont care if a game is AAA or not.

As long as it has some RPG elements, and or Final Fantasy in its name

"i do care if its AAA, but i like contradicting my self to get my point across"

Almighty4014d ago

Way behind of REAL AAA games like Bioshock or Zelda Twilight Princess.

sunnyhours4014d ago

So go play Bioshock or Zelda. I have seen you post negative comments about this game on several different stories posted on N4G. Is 1 place not enough? What are you trying to accomplish exactly?

Lionsguard4014d ago

He's trying to deface the game even more because he can't play it. Had this game came out for the 360 or the Wii he'd be squealing like a schoolgirl.

dfcm20034014d ago

Bioshock 96/100 , R&C 93/100 not that far behind huh?

fenderputty4014d ago

at this rate I'll never have to see you again. One bubble in your future.

remix4014d ago

do you even know who you have a picture of right now????

Sevir044014d ago

there's nothing but spews of SHYTE that rools off his tounge so it's no need to pay this troll any attention.

raub4014d ago

remove his bubbles, i did ;)

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