Final Fantasy Type-0 Scan Featuring Air Ship And World Map

Finally traditional world map and air ship is coming back on Final Fantasy Type-0. The picture above sure brings up lot of nostalgia for FF fans.

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Godmars2903530d ago

You know what? That looks a lot like the world map methods used for - freakin FFVII and VIII!

Sorry, but I suddenly feel the need to kick an exec from, any exec though Wada would do in a pinch - in the freakin nuts.

Just something about seeing old established FF game mechanics being used that pisses me off.

LightofDarkness3530d ago

Looks like their recent money woes have forced them to do something horrible: release a FF game that people might actually want to play. Complete with mechanics and settings that people actually recognize. All it lacks is random battles and ATB. If the story is in any way decent, this would be a more definitive FF game for this gen than XIII was.

Ddouble3530d ago

This game has been in development since before they had money problems and in the video posted in another article, there were random battles.

I do agree on it looking beter than XIII. i like XIII but this blows it away from what I've seen so far.

Happythedog3530d ago

This my most hyped game right next to Uncharted 3. Sadly it's going to come next year for the U.S.

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