Are You Going to be Left Behind on May 21st?

Seeing as how tomorrow, May 21st, is supposed to be the Rapture and all the supposed "believers" are going to mysteriously disappear and make their way to heaven, many people are wondering "what about those that get left behind? Well, back in 2006, a rather controversial PC game was released that addressed the issue of those not included in the rapture. That game was aptly titled Left Behind.

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flipmop442732d ago

I'll see everyone on the 22nd ;)

thorstein2732d ago

My rapture party is starting in about an hour. Thought I would look in to see what the new games of the apocalypse are going to be like.

Hasn't happened yet.

tablav2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

You're all fools! The end is coming, you'll see!!! You're all gonna...

Wait, what do you mean it's the 22nd now? Riiiight then. Guess I probably shouldn't have spend all my money and quit my job.

Oh well....such is life!

honestpizza2732d ago

I'm going to wear my shittiest clothes tomorrow.

Jack-H2732d ago

LOL!! yeah it's probably not the best day to break out that 3-piece suit.

honestpizza2731d ago

Or you could've put on that Armani suit and filled your pants at some point so that the person lucky enough to stumble upon the pile of clothes got a nice surprise.

yoge2732d ago

It says in the bible that no man will know when the end is coming.

blackburn102732d ago

Exactly. One man says it and suddenly it's the truth. Plus he has said it before and was wrong. Anyone noticed that no religious group even bothered to agree or disagree with him? That is to show what a joke he is.

gaden_malak2732d ago

It says in the bible that no man will know when the end is coming.

Bible also said there was a giant flood and a giant boat.

multipayer2732d ago

hey,you've played Brink...

thorstein2732d ago

So did Gilgamesh.... whooops, don't tell the fundies that their story was ripped from an earlier much more interesting version.

xTruthx2732d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

^^^^^^^ Oh :O, someone who thinks they know something because they heard it from someone else without doing any real research.

Below: Lol I think you haven't even be near a bible

Aceluffy2732d ago

The Bible also said that gay people, people that cheat and have sex before getting married, people that have sex with animals have to be killed.
Or is it...."put to death" does that have the same meaning ?

I'm all for that, but killing animals ?

No, forget it, the bible is retarded anyway

Hellsvacancy2732d ago

^^^^Like totally retarded

MidnytRain2731d ago

Others say a giant rock smashed into the Earth. They're both equally believable.

gaden_malak2731d ago

No, Science is actually using proven facts. Religion...fairy tales.

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Ser2732d ago

yoge, you nailed it.

I don't know how so many of these believers trust one moron that's been wrong many times before.

He's just another snake oil salesman posing as a religious zealot.

Anyone with a brain could have picked up a Bible and found the verse that yoge refers to.

GodofSackboy2732d ago

The bible was also written 400 years after Jesus' death by a bunch of Romans. Its a load of crap.

I wish this world could just forget religion and live happily without this God bs...

But each to his own. Beleive that stuff if you want

NYC_Gamer2732d ago

100% agree,religion has done nothing but divide people and brought along so much death in the process

seinfan2731d ago

I guess the Rylands papyrus and critical new testament scholarship are part of a conspiracy. But don't mind me, I'll let you get back to reading Dan Brown's fiction.

xstation792731d ago

I would love to know how you came about this information about romans writing the bible. If you guys want to put all your faith into scientist having all the right answers, you go right ahead. They are always disagreeing with each other and changing their minds. They claim they know whats happening 4 billion years across the universe, yet can't make up their minds on global warming

MidnytRain2731d ago


The Bible actually warns against forcing religion on people. Humankind causes its own strife when we blow things out of proportion and/or misinterpret things.

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SpLinT2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

yea too bad the bible is also full of shit

edit: to xstation - you say "put all your faith into scientist having all the right answers" NO- not true, scientists dont have all the answers and i dont have all my faith in them. it doesnt mean i should believe Fairy Tell-esk nonsense that is written in a book written by a 19 year old. (they didnt live that long back then, he was probably 19 or younger)

DantheMan812731d ago

Making fun of other peoples religion and saying the bible is full of shit is crossing the line. You may not believe what others do, but atleast show some respect. I'm off to find another gaming news site that isn't made up of 12 year olds with their dumbass comments.

MidnytRain2731d ago

The Bible contains wisdom and answers to problems we still face today. Even an atheist could benefit from reading some of it. The book of Proverbs is the best example.

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ATiElite2732d ago

On May 21st all the NEO-CONS will disappear? hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray. Let's throw a global party and celebrate!

Lucreto2732d ago

We should all sing while we wait. I will start it off

"Some things in life are bad
They can really make you mad
Other things just make you swear and curse.
When you're chewing on life's gristle
Don't grumble, give a whistle
And this'll help things turn out for the best...
And...always look on the bright side of life..."

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