Dear Kinect, I am Sick of Dancing!

Gaming Irresponsibly's Ryan Hillis writes: With E3 looming just around the corner, tons of speculations have begun to arise about the future of gaming. This time last year, we were treated with a flurry of motion control peripherals that were sure to make a splash on the market and take gaming to the next level. And they did, for a bit. Now that those little cameras are next to our televisions and our patients with niche family games wearing thin, what can some of us hardcore gamers expect from this creative technology?

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slinky1234563530d ago

Dear xbox, i am tired of shooters.

CrimsonEngage3530d ago

All platforms have hundreds of shooters, don't generalize.

At the topic at hand, i'm sick of dancing games.

agentxk3530d ago

Almost every shooter that Xbox has, ps3 has as well. Xbox is just more popular with them.

Max_Dissatisfaction3530d ago

Then maybe its time to buy the highest rated racing game this gen?

xstation793530d ago

Seems to me like the ps3 has more exclusive shooters now with resistance, killzone, and socom just to name a few.

Just_The_Truth3529d ago

i agree look at the only two exclusive xbox has HALO and GEARS and while Sony does have more shooters like KZ3 and UC3 it also has God of War, Infamous, Little Big Plant, MGS4, Demon Souls, Final Fantasy, WarHawk, and i'm not just listing games these are my favorite ones that i've played and loved which everyone should experience but if xbox only owers feel that 2-4 exclusive repeated every other year are enough well so be it but i'm with Slinky

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agentxk3530d ago

Looking forward to Child of Eden

Knushwood Butt3530d ago

I was too, until I saw someone playing it.....

Rybakov3530d ago

dear playstation, im sick of horrid online

dear nintendo, im sick of rehashes and want a new ip and for a not gimmick system(s)

stop complaining if you don't like something don't play it and its not like the wii or how the ps2 use to be and have zillions of dancing games....they have all of 3 as far as im aware (dance central, Dance masters, and zumba)

DJMarty3530d ago

Point is the controls are boring and repetitive.

Step left, step right, jump on spot, run on spot, lean forward.

BUTTONS Required

agentxk3530d ago

I think the point is that we aren't getting a fraction of what the kinect games are capable of. Let's get away from dancing and get into other fields

Rybakov3530d ago

what do you call shooters?

run hide shoot reload (repeat)

or Rpgs
talk to person, run here, kill (x) things, run back, talk to person

everything is repeatative its how much enjoyment out of it

YourCall3530d ago

Really dude, okay let's see.

Roll playing game, walk around, take a quest, complete the quest, repeat.

Sports game, shoot the ball, hit the ball, catch the ball, repeat.

Slasher, press button repeatedly

Puzzle game, move this over here, move that over there, repeat.

Dude you just discribed almost ALL games. You will play nothing that doesn't have elements that will be repeated.

KMxRetro3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

"what can some of us hardcore gamers expect from this creative technology?"

Not much, although Child of Eden is as hardcore as it comes. Most won't realise that, though.

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