Six Reasons Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 Do Not Need Replacements... Yet.

With all of this buzz around the new Nintendo console, the question is begged, do we really need a new Xbox of Playstation?

Gaming Irresponsibly's featured writer Adrian says no. Read to find out why:

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CrimsonEngage3531d ago

1 reason they do- OLD TECH. While PC get's 64 players on BF3 consoles don't.

agentxk3531d ago

That isn't really old hardware. Ever play MAG?

CrimsonEngage3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Yes i have. MAG sacrifices graphics and destruction to allow for that many players and even then the game has a poor frame rate and lag's out the rear.

Your PS3 would explode if MAG looked as good as Crysis 2 or BF3 and had that many players. The PS3/360 lacks RAM and the GPU's are outdated. They don't even use direct X10. So yes, console tech is OLD by todays standards.

tdogchristy903531d ago

I don't understand this "old tech" argument, if we go by that then consoles would need upgrading every 6 months. Consoles are ment to be "un upgradable" and not like a pc, they are ment to Cater main stream and sell cheaply compared to a pc and be pick up and play. Now if we argued that devs have used up all the resources available to them and thus gameplay ect has stagnated that's one thing, but to use an "old tech" argument when things actually become "old tech" almost the day after release I find odd.

DA_SHREDDER3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

thats the thing tdog. Gameplay has been getting held back for the fact that if we just had more RAM, there would be more variety in our games. Games like Killzone 3 and MAG all held back because they just didn't have enough memory to add more. So we're stuck with the (seemingly) few guns, cameos, and customization options. I consider that part of gameplay, and to me games feel unfinished. For another example, you can use a cover system in single player of KZ3 but you cant in multiplayer.

Its okay though. Us console gamers still have hope. The Wii 2 might be a technical mess still, but if they released a machine that has at least 2 gigs of RAM, xbox 360 architecture, and xbox live type of online, it will be the end of the ps3 and 360 as we know it. Well maybe not the end of them, but I know what im gonna be playing most of my games on, especially games like COD and Battlefield.

agentxk3530d ago

Let's see what project cafe offers, I guess

blitz0x3530d ago

Looking forward to it!

AdrianHD3529d ago

Hopefully it has enough horsepower to last us another 5-7 years.

AdrianHD3530d ago

Here's hoping I don't have to shell out any big bucks for consoles for a bit!