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Splash Damage details Brink updates for all Platforms, Xbox 360 update coming next week.

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ThatEnglishDude2706d ago

Seems like they're really trying to make up for the poor product they released. Even though this game is essentially Enemy Territory 2011, it can still be fun and a great little game if patched effectively.

Redgehammer2706d ago

I disagree that it is a poor product. I enjoy Brink immensely and think it is a fantastically difficult game. However, I realize we all have different tastes and Brink is not for everyone.

PandaJenkins2706d ago

Precisely this. It does have some issues... like ALL games do. Online ones typically have issues that arise anyway and at least Splash Damage are working hard on fixing them. I don't see COD hackless yet....

No Way2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Agreed. I'm having a blast with Brink. Of course online has some issues, but..
If they can fix up and iron out the lag issues, the game will be solid, imo.
Although, I can still find some rooms that have no lag issues, whatsoever.
At least some rooms are playable online with a full room of human players.


Love this game, but where is the patch!?