Sony in E3 protection mode. Hackers in feeding frenzy.

Most professionals within the industry are concerned with one very noticeable snafu. Sony, enough is enough, E3 is almost here and you now need to worry about your presentation for the biggest gaming event of the year.

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Godmars2903529d ago

Sony in E3 protection mode, game "journalist" in hacker feeding frenzy.

No matter what Sony announces this E3 the majority of internet stories will raise the question of PSN security.

MagicGamer3529d ago

ok so all the downtime , and apologies, and new down time are because journalist said it was so. Hmmmm, are you in denial or just have proof that Sony is not stressed over the E3 and the impact it will have after the 2011 event.

Baka-akaB3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

then where is your proof then ? How about actually doing a job , your job , and reporting actual news , rather than raising pointless hypotheticals than any gossip from a bar or barbershop can do ?

-EvoAnubis-3528d ago

What new downtime? I'm on PSN right now.

Darkseeker3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Ok, whoever did this clearly have no life. They hacked PSN, but now this is getting ridiculous. Whoever is doing this, get a life, really.

Well, not that it matters, it's a matter of time before whoever did it get caught, so his life is ruined anyway.

MagicGamer3529d ago

The main issue is how can Sony represent their progress in the gaming world if they are playing PR at E3 for the events this year. It will be a piece of cake if they can keep every thing up until then. That's my opinion.

Istanbull3528d ago

My opinion is that this article is another sensational piece of "journalism" and that you are ignored for life on N4G.

Redgehammer3529d ago

While I agree the attacks on Sony should cease, both from the digital intruders and the press; one person can not define "a life" for another person.

blackburn103529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

I agree. I seemed heroic at first to some people but this is really getting pathetic.Your antics are more of an annoyance now then a threat. Just stop it.Sony is not messing around and is probably so pissed right now about what the stupid Anon people did to their network, that they are ready to nail someones butt to the wall. Don't let it be you. Just stop.

Darkseeker3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

You think the guy would have enough with 12 millions credit cards, but it seems whoever is doing this is very greedy.

Then again, no one got any fraudulent charges on their credit card because of PSN (all reports were fake or it was a coincidence) and while the site to change your password was unsecure, no one got his account stolen.

It's safe to say the guy who did this just wanna make sony look bad and he is doing a pretty good job at it.

BornCursed3529d ago

Sony has to remember that gamers don't worry about security with them as much as journalist do. We will pay to play no matter what. Most of the time anyway's.

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SkullBlade1693529d ago

I really find it hard to believe that these people were fighting for "consumer rights". At first maybe it started off in a good way, but as soon as they thought it was a good idea to bring PSN down it changed. No matter how good they thing their intentions are, they are just around to screw gamers over it seems.

MagicGamer3529d ago

I agree completely. Just concerned for Sony and the E3 presentation. This has to be difficult to handle.

BornCursed3529d ago

Sony has a HUUUUGGGGEEEEE fan base for the struggle I personally believe they will do ok at E3.

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