GamerGaia Review- L.A. Noire

The story is a violent crime thriller in which Rockstar blends action and true detective work to create an incredibly interactive game. Be assured that some of the crimes you investigate are definitely gory for those looking for violence in this game. The story is the most entertaining part of this entire game as you investigate cases that correspond with your rank within the department. For the majority of the game you play as Cole Phelps who does everything in his power to clean up the streets of L.A. It becomes apparent very early in the game that even though Cole is considered a hero by the public for his actions in WWII he and those that served with him hold him in a very opposite viewpoint. He obviously feels he doesn’t deserve the praise he has received for his actions and this seems to be an underlying motivation to do better as a police officer. He is ambitious and holds himself and his fellow officers to a standard that few are able to uphold.

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ares21al3529d ago

Good review, Very informative

Derekvinyard133529d ago

its good to see reviews like this, he mentions the flickering problem in the cutscenes which was a small problem in RDR. ive read like 4 reviews and they dont even touch this one.

ares21al3529d ago

He seemed to be very thourough, I now can't wait to play the game.

honestpizza3528d ago

This site isn't bound by developers to give good reviews. If the game sucks... they say it sucks.

flipmop443529d ago

I tried to add as much a I could without spoiling it since I really liked what rockstar did for the most part

tomragan3529d ago

Gives me even more reason to buy it!

goodguyswin3529d ago

Interesting to hear about some of the minor glitches in the game, still, it's not gonna put me off! :)

ares21al3529d ago

Nice that the Glitches were noted but did not really detract from the game

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