L.A. Noire: An Unrealistic Game?

There’s no doubt L.A. Noire is one of more realistic games made recently. The investigations are brilliantly thought out and the facial animations are one of the most life-like things ever seen in a video game before.

What is so unrealistic about L.A. Noire? When Cole Phelps actually tampers with the evidence with his bare hands!

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Derekvinyard132708d ago

WOW this is a veerryy stupid article. i read the whole dam thing and was baffled.

In short he talks about how Cole uses his hands to pick up the evidence without gloves and dosent make any other arguments.

This is almost like saying how does a gun reload in a video game to the same exact ammo in shooter games when in real life you can only do that when you empty the clip. dumb argument i dont agree

L6RD7BLU32708d ago

did they even use gloves back in those times, isn't this game based in the 40's or something.

rdgneoz32708d ago

Yah, back then they weren't always too careful with evidence, since many of today's methods / practices weren't in place / invented yet.

If it was based in the present time, then you'd be wearing gloves, placing markers and taking pictures before you touch anything, and then bagging everything to be sent to the lab.

fluffydelusions2708d ago

First latex gloves went into productions in the 60's from Wikipedia. Not sure what/if anything they used back then.

pixelsword2708d ago

Nothing was used then. Prints and objects were pretty much the only evidence gathered at a crime scene back then if I'm not mistaken.

Nitrowolf22708d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

No they didn't or at least today uses weren't invented yet.
It was much harder to solve crimes back then than today.
This writer didn't do his research, he is thinking that today technology was the same as the 40's.
Thats why today we hear about crimes being solves that are nearly 70 years old.

This article is stupid. Forensic was never like that.

DNA evidence was not even established yet. God dammit History class should have taught this guy this, pretty much anything went back in the 40's, cops had to rely on their wits.
Miranda rights didn't exist back then and neither were laws based on excessive force even established yet.
And since DNA hasn't been established or explored enough, finger prints really didn't matter or were not at all important.

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ShabbaRanks2708d ago

Anyway back then they didn’t have DNA… Only blood types if I’m not mistaken. Game is great btw, kind of like GTA but with a higher seriousness level ;P

killershadow1172708d ago

Back then they didn't even have finger printing and this guys is saying that Cole is going to be a suspect because he touched the murder weapons. I wonder if the writer realizes it's the 40's and that finger printing would prove nothing to them unless they actually compared Cole's finger prints to the ones they lifted, saying that he is actually a suspect. Dumb article is dumb.

2fk2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

ur weird....this game is actually amazing

L6RD7BLU32708d ago

Hey smart guy what it's "VIDEO GAME", now shut up and enjoy the game "k".

Finger-Eater2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Games aren't suppost to be realistic unless their sims.

2708d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.