Android Bluetooth Gaming Controller

Android development company Ingenu LLC has announced that they are in the prototype stage of making a functional Android Bluetooth controller. The controller which is featured in their Youtube video will work with all Android devices 2.1 and above (including HTC phones) and will not require rooting to work.

Their first prototype is featured in the video and they are working to have a solid sellable product by Mid-Summer.
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PS360PCROCKS3530d ago

I'm sorry, but why? A controller for a 3-4 inch screen? Maybe for a tablet...

clrlite3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Agreed, yet it may have some applications. If it works on an android phone, it may work on a tablet with android or a similar open source linux operating system installed.

Either way, I will still be buying NGP and probably 3DS, because to me, there is no substitute for a dedicated gaming handheld.

Ingenu3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Well we love gaming on our phones, 3.4" screen or not. What we don't love is touch screen controls. To be able to play something like Snesoid with a controller would be absolutely ideal.

These will be fully functional on tablets as well as phones. I agree there is no substitute to a dedicated gaming platform but, why gimp the Android gaming experience due to a lack of a peripheral device?

TimmyBurns3529d ago

We're creating this device because we've seen countless posts on message boards requesting a USB or Bluetooth controller. We've also nearly lost out minds trying to place classic Sega and Nintendo games using the awful touch-screen controls! hahaha

Mobile gaming applications have grown in giant leaps in the past year and we continue to see growth. We just want to make a cool product that some people can enjoy. We think that mobile gaming is moving in this direction and we're happy to hear all sorts of feedback.

PS360, do you play these emulators often? If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts about the on-screen controls. If you don't play them, then it's easy for me to understand your feelings on this product! :o)

Tim @