GamePro- Second Opinion: L.A. Noire

GamePro: "In many ways, L.A. Noire is the game that Rockstar has wanted to make since Grand Theft Auto 4. They must have been absolutely delighted when they found Team Bondi's project, which really has far more in common with a Japanese visual novel than a sandbox game.

It's got problems though. As much as I agree with my colleague Will Herring that it's secretly an adventure game, I don't think it's a particularly good adventure game. A great deal of effort was put into the facial expressions, but it never really goes any deeper than that."

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jsslifelike3531d ago

I, too, am beginning to see the chinks in LA Noire's armor more as I play it. I don't get being told that I've completely fouled up a case, then am being highly lauded in the very next cutscene. Well, that and Phelps controls like a goddamned RDR horse...

romancer3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

There is a great deal in L.A. Noire that deserves respect --- including a script that is far from being just another dumbed-down retread of other games -- but as I near the end of my Vice Desk assignments, I sense that this is not a game that I will love.

Red Dead Redemption was a game that absorbed me deeply; and i will never forget my first run-through of Bioshock. Electrifying! I know that L.A. Noire is a different sort of game and a daring gamble in an industry preoccupied with producing money-making franchises. But "respect" is not as satisfying as genuine affection.

I will continue with L.A. Noire DLC -- but i will still be looking for the next great game that is capable of astounding me. Will it be Skyrim? or BioShock Infinite? At present, i have no idea. I find myself wishing that Witcher 2 was available on consoles.