Overlooked Essentials for the 3DS Virtual Console

GameXplain writes: On June 6th, Nintendo will finally release what many 3DS owners have been waiting for: Nintendo eShop. Not only will the entire DSiware catalog be available from the start, but also the 3DS’s Virtual Console service many fans have been begging for. The Virtual Console on the Wii was one of the best ideas for the system, allowing gamers to download classic games that they remembered fondly or missed playing, including those many had not even heard of. For every Legend of Zelda or Mario game that was released, games like Sin & Punishment and Kid Icarus also made the list.

It’s with that in mind that I present this list of fifteen essential games that should appear on the 3DS’s Virtual Console. I tried to avoid most of the obvious choices because we all know that many of Nintendo’s biggest franchises are bound to make an appearance. These are the games that flew under the radar, that could offer something truly unique, or offer gamers a chance to play rare classics.

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