GameInformer: Torchlight II Preview

GameInformer: "The hack n' slash sequel has a lot more going on than a tiny mining town and a single dungeon. Torchlight II is broken up into several overworlds, connecting areas, dungeons, and towns.

The wide-open overworlds are more than three times the size of the largest levels from the first game, and play host to dungeons, quests, and random events like bandits holding hostages or injured merchants in need of help. Runic is talking them up to be much more interactive and unique than the open areas in Diablo II, for example, with notable landmarks dotting the landscape and many named minibosses to fight."

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Bigpappy2802d ago

Bring it on! Enough talk.

Beahmscream2801d ago

Agreed, first one was a great game can not wait for this one!