Interview: Kei Hirono talks masochism for Dark Souls

Destructoid: "Kei Hirono gave us some insight into the story and RPG elements of Dark Souls, explaining how the even more difficult gameplay is comparable to edible but spicy food. We also talk campfires, checkpoints, and changes and additions made to the online play."

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Lirky2710d ago

I paused the interview to type this : She said is the sequel to Demons Souls, DarkSouls. Huh?

dgroundwater2710d ago

What is wrong with that? It's a spiritual successor so maybe that was a little bit of a stretch to say.

Lirky2710d ago

Also, I hope the online infrastructure is well-balanced and easier to connect to ppl without loadscreens. Since in demons souls waiting around took a longer time it was difficult to play with others sometimes.

Tex1172709d ago

Easily my most anticipated game this year...And that is saying alot considering the line up.