inFamous 2′s Visual Evolution is Amazing – Screenshot Comparison

As gamers have seen is the case with countless forthcoming PlayStation 3 exclusives, one game that catches the eye where the visual evolution from its predecessor is amazing is inFamous 2.

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Troll_Police2712d ago

That's an Uncharted 2 type leap in graphics right there.

Coffin872712d ago

Well anything else would be kinda sad.
Infamous 1 is two years old.. the last two years were AMAZING, graphics wise. Anything besides a leap forward would be disappointing as hell.

gta28002712d ago

I was exited for this game already but I'm currently replaying inFamous for the trophies and it got me more exited for this. Oh, and I'm one trophy away from platinum. I have 349/350 blast Shards. 1 shard away! I've spent the last day running through the whole city looking for it and nothing :( hope I can get it before 2 comes out!!!

gta28002712d ago

Forget the second part of my comment above^^ I did it!!!I found the last shard!! Platinum trophy added to my collection!!! AAHHHHHHH :)

ABizzel12712d ago

This just shows a reminder of how good Infamous 1 looked. It had graphical glitches, but it was still a great looking game.

sikbeta2712d ago

This is just Amazing! can't wait for this freaking game...

Therealspy032712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

i don't get it...

infamous 2 looks good by comparison, but the first one looked downright bad. it wasn't as bad as prototype's graphics, but it certainly wasn't pretty. so many things looked the same and lacked detail. the cars, the people, the enemies (excluding the bosses n such), etc..

when the characters moved, they looked like robots...even the jaws, neck, and eyes moved, talked, and blinked mechanically.

it's cool if you liked the game, i can see why some people enjoyed it; but lets not give it credit for something it wasn't. it was not a visually impressive game.

i know i'll get killed with disagrees here and probably even be labeled as a troll just cuz i don't share your opinions, but just go look at it (it's most telling in the cut scenes - how low budget it looks), but it's pretty weak everywhere.

*looks forward to the "you probably don't even have a ps3" accusations*

Coffin872712d ago

WOW, disagree with my comment 1.1.1?? Unbelievable.
Stating truth and drawing a conclusion that NO real gamer would deny.
Some of you guys are such tools. Get a f*in life.

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Derekvinyard132712d ago

why arent these pics next to each other?? annoying man dam

HolyOrangeCows2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

How can you tell when the I2 pictures are so tiny?

They're all like, 300p.

Derekvinyard132712d ago

i know right, the pic of him shooting the electric from the first game is huge compared to number 2

PostApocalyptic2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

u have to click each picture twice...

Sure, I'd want 720p at least. But on well... :(

starchild2712d ago

Such low res screenshots are kind of pointless really.

I know the game is going to be great, but I honestly don't see any kind of phenomenal visual evolution in these screenshots. If I didn't know better I would think they were from the same game.

evrfighter12711d ago

well if they upped the res the comments here would be the opposite of what you're seeing now. low res pictures look good that's all there is to it.

jack up the res to 720 and fullscreen it and it's one of the most ugliest things you'll ever see.

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the_kutaragi_baka2712d ago

IMO infamous 2 is potentially GOTY of 2011...

homer2712d ago

I doubt it. If anything it will be LBP 2, UC3, Elder Scrolls 5, or La Noire.

showtimefolks2712d ago

they wanted to give infamous 2 uncharted 2's treatment and want to see even bigger jump than the one uncharted 2 saw from uncharted 1.

and from everything we have seen this game is nothing short of maybe the best of game 2011

TVippy2712d ago

Horrible incompetent comparison.

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Prcko2712d ago

Yep,and this game is must have!!!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2712d ago

It's impressive how far this game has come

nevin12712d ago

I hope the missions get the same treatment.

despair2712d ago

from what I've seen and read they have.

rdgneoz32712d ago

Yep, and if you ever get bored of their missions, you can play ones other people make or make your own.

gamingisnotacrime2712d ago

2011 is so hot

infamous 2
followed by Uncharted 3

and all the multiplats that are hot too

need some money

Holeran2712d ago

Not to mention Resistance 3.

mantisimo2712d ago

I so want to add the Last Guardian.

DaTruth2711d ago

What a vicious cycle! You have the money to play all the games, but no time. Then, when you get laid off; you have the time, but really shouldn't spend all the money!

Life's not fair!

trainsinrdr2711d ago

and tellytubbies the movie

Killzone3___2711d ago

tekken tag team 2
final fantasy versus

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Inception2712d ago

not to mention some handheld games like FF type-0, Persona 2: innocent sin, ocarina of time, etc

gaming is an expensive hobby and i can't keep up anymore >.<

Da_Evil_Monkey2711d ago

Nobody likes Assassins Creed? why are so many disagreeing with Ascalon94, it's like the only game that loads of people disagreed on.

I'm not calling anybody out, I'm just interested to know why there is so much hate for Assassins Creed, especially since it is quite popular with a lot of people, usually anyway.

Killzone3___2711d ago

assassin creed is a great game , people just afraid of something they call it milking , i don't mind play another assassin creed or even 3 assassin creed games , it's fun so why not ... people are complicated , they like stupid games like halo and hate games like assassin creed ...

assassin creed always get improved , so they can't call it milking ... thy even called god of war milked even though the ps3 only had one game ... they didn't call uncharted or resistance or street fighters or haaaaaaaaaaalo ..etc milked because they like the game , but if they don't like the game they call it milked ...