PS Move Support Could Be Coming To NGP, PSP

Wouldn’t it be better if the PlayStation Move could be used on the move? A recently published patent from SCEA suggests that the company may indeed be planning to make the Move compatible with the NGP and PSP.

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Lifewish3535d ago

well that would def. be interesting.

Trexman893535d ago

Note: he said "interesting," not "good" or "bad"

however, I am saying this is bad. Why would I want to use Move on my PORTABLE gaming devince?

RankFTW3535d ago

Would be funny if it was a finger attachment, like a little blue ball at the end of your middle finger.

gamingdroid3535d ago

I'm confused what the real purpose of this really is. If you are using PS Move, then the screen is hard to read since it is so small.

I guess the only reason I see this is as a protective patent similar to what patent trolls do. Sit on a bunch of patents to sue others or prevent others from using it. Note, all major companies do this including MS and wouldn't surprise me Nintendo.

sack_boi3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Hook NGP to the back of the person in front of you and walk down the street playing.

That would be awesome

HolyOrangeCows3535d ago

Well, it is just a patent. I'd go as far to say Nintendo doesn't really use 90% of its patents, and the other big 2 aren't really much of an exception.

I think the hope is that the NGP can push portable to start to overtake consoles, because they can do so much and with a dock or whatever, they could give it many of the same functions (and run on a TV for the time). Then when you wanted to play on the go, you just unplug.
I wouldn't mind something like that....but I think we'd have to give the technology a few more decades, first.

Bull5hifT3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Its sorta hard to stare at the little monitor and keep track of your arm movments unless they release a projector attachment, then maybe it might rule

miyamoto3535d ago

because the NGP's front facing camera has the capabilities of the PS Eye which means the NGP can be a PS Eye substitute that can connect to a TV.

But the best functionality I can see an NGP unit does is to function as a PS3 controller with LCD screen ala PocketStation/Dreamcast VMU/Project Cafe controller.

and the NGP also has a built in microphone for additional game control possibilities for any PS3 game.

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Lifewish3535d ago

it def. could be, though i still stand by it would be interesting to at least see in action, how Sony would implement it.

user8586213535d ago

sounds as bad as when they planned using the psp as a rear view mirror for racing games

Nitrowolf23535d ago

kind of a small screen to use IMO. If this is true then i hope their is TV connectivity or remote play like PS3 to PSP only the other way around.

insertcoin3535d ago

Not sure if you can really make out what's on the screen standing that far back as the figure supposes. But using the Move freely can be as useful as all of the newfangled uses for the Wii Remote.

stealth500k3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

whats the point? The ps move provides worse controls than the psp already has.

No more stupid gimmicks please

sourav933535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Well, as much as I love my playstation 3 and all, and love killing higs with the move, I'd rather not look like a complete doofus carrying the move on the go.

iamnsuperman3535d ago

imagine if they made mini moves for the PSP. I do not think they will develop this. Just patenting the idea

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