Report: 3DS To Be Japan's Best-Selling Hardware In 2011

Despite its slow start, Nintendo's new 3DS portable console is expected to end the year as the highest-selling console in Japan, according to analysts in that region.

In its annual industry report released this week (as partially translated by Andriasang) major video game media publisher Enterbrain projects that the system will sell 2,868,000 units by year's end, putting it ahead of the year's current leader, Sony's PSP, projected to sell 2,378,000 units.

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Warprincess1163530d ago

No i still think the PSP will beat it. The 3ds is a failure.

longcat3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Like it or not, we are 1 mario game away from that statement sounding like complete rubbish.

I think the early launch will at least give their fans the opportunity to avoid the mad rush at the end of the year, and the price gouging that accompanies it.

Venox20083529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

stop trollin' ,mate :) 3DS is awesome.. interesting what will you say by the end of 2011 or beginning of 2012, when AAA games will come ..sure, haters gonna hate, no matter what will happen..

the_best_player3529d ago

PSP is way better, the NGP will kill the 3DS

superman3529d ago

@the_best_player, just like the PSP killed the DS?

White-Sharingan3529d ago

superman- what does that have to do with anything? last time I checked, N64 and GCN sold shit compared to its competitor, and look at Wii sales.

meganick3528d ago

Look at Wii sales? The Wii has outsold the PS3 and 360 combined worldwide. It's by far the most successful console this generation. What are you smoking?

White-Sharingan3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Don't you know how to read? that's my whole point. Superman is basically stating that the NGP won't sell more than the 3DS because the PSP clearly didn't sell more than the DS. I'm saying that just because you sell the most one generation, does not mean you will continue selling the best throughout all generations...

GCN and N64 sold shit. Wii sold a shitload of units. Same thing can happen next handheld generation.

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stealth500k3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Stop being a troll. The ds started slow, the ps3 started slow, the 360 started slow, the psp started slow and yes the 3ds started slow. Big deal.

I expect big things this holiday from the 3ds

meganick3528d ago

No, you just don't get it, do you? Warprincess166 says that the 3DS is a failure, so therefore it must be a failure. End of discussion.

(This is sarcasm for anyone too dimwitted to notice)

sack_boi3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Wait till they release Pokemon(s), Mario(s), Zelda(s) and till they start really marketing the shit out of it.
They can still drop the price, release new colours and new designs... it'll sell, believe it.

Right now I don't see myself getting one, but I know it'll do well in the long run.

SonyNGP3529d ago

"The 3ds is a failure."

You sound exactly like those arrogant pricks who said the same thing about the PS3 5 years ago. Look at them now!

ChickeyCantor3529d ago

" i still think "

^ a mistake many make here.

SoapShoes3529d ago

Well I think the PSP will beat it, but the 3DS is not a failure by any means.

However, his statement is not unlike all of the Nintendo fanboys who call the PSP a failure because it hasn't beat the DS.

Theyellowflash303529d ago

You'll be eating those words shortly. A failure after a month and a half. LOL

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Pedobear Rocks3529d ago

Do the PSP numbers take into account the possible launch of NGP by year's end?

stealth500k3529d ago

Theres no evidicence it isnt launching anywhere but 1 region in 2011 if at all

KonaBro3529d ago

if not for the fact that it's not games that is keeping 3DS sales low, it's the fact that Nintendo has failed to show that the 3DS is a different version of the DS and not just another revision Nintendo comes out with every year. If they marketed it as a must have portable device, it would have seen explosive sales. Right now, people see it as just anothe DS with 3D.

Grannyvukka3529d ago

I think a lot of people will (and should) wait for the NGP release, as whilst the 3DS is great I'm sure, it is not the step up from the DS to 3DS in power that the PSP step up to NGP in sheer graphical horsepower....and people are (and should be) more astute to the technical prowess of these expensive little handheld gaming devices, & look past things like motion control & 3D (I did say possible gimmicks before the fanboys get mad). I wondered how long it would take, even the most casual gamers to realize just how much genuine, true, awesome gaming moments that PS3 & 360 owners were getting from there consoles & the games they offer.....Unfortunately, it took WAAAAAY to long, & only when 360 & PS3 added motion gimmick gaming to there machines, did people actually realize that 360 & PS3 could do the very thing that sold Nintendo's Wii in the first place, & not only could they do it, but with better technology in both versions of the motion controls (meaning greater accuracy & therefore immersion), it could be done much better, & done with 360 & PS3's selling points over Nintendo in superior chipsets & HD capabilities, meaning more realistic graphics, as opposed to highly primitive embarrassing visual turd as displayed in Wii Sports.

Consumers need to take the time & have patience in buying there next handheld, as for me, NGP offers so much more than the 3DS as a gaming machine just in the fact that it has 2 anologue thumbsticks.....then add in that PS3 games can pretty much be ported straight over with little to no, graphical ommissions...Yes, we have to see it to believe it, but if this is true & I can play games on this handheld with Unchartered 2, Killzone 3, MS:Apocalypse, C.O.D:B.O's, etc, etc, level of graphics, with dual analogue sticks, always awesome shoulder buttons, as well as the usual PS face button layout.....I only need to see the proof of graphical prowess, smooth running of games, & feel the thumbsticks & feel of the thing in my hand to make a solid decision (which already swings towards NGP, after owning my PSP for many years now).

VampiricDragon_3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

The fact that you only care about horsepower proves your opinion shouldnt be taken seriously.


the fanboy seems to be you thinking an engine thats about as generic as can be means one system is better than the other. And every nintendo portable has an amazing library thats usually as good as any console lineup. This shouldnt be different. And the fact that your assuming there will be an wexclusive COD makes you the biggest fanboy of them all. The ds had 4 times the COD titles.

MasterCornholio3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

While what he stated is true. That the tech in the NGP is more advanced than the 3DS (been proven by Epic, Kojima and the specs) The real reason why i want an NGP is because of the incredible titles that Sony will release on it. Also playstation suit is a huge selling point for me as well.

This is just my opinion but

Sony Franchises > Nintendo Franchises

Dont try and prove me wrong because i like Sony games more than Nintendo and theres nothing you fanboys can do to change my opinion.


Because its comming out at the end of the year and theres a possibilty that it may offer a better experience to some people than the 3DS. If Sony are going to treat the NGP like the PS3 i can expect a ton of great titles for it. Even 3rd partys are going to produce exclusive titles on it. Kojima stated himself that he would make a new title for it and Epic as well. Activision will be producing COD exclusively for the NGP. And play-station suit should add a ton of exclusive titles as well. So theres plenty of good reasons to wait until the NGP is out and then decide between the two.

kramun3529d ago

I'm going to get both. Then I won't miss any games. I win.

AWBrawler3529d ago

Sony francise > Nintendo Franchise????

umm name a Sony developed franchise that you like. Ape Escape? if you get to count 3rd party for Sony, I should count 3rd party for Nintendo

White-Sharingan3529d ago

AWBrawler- God of War, Twisted Metal, Uncharted, inFamous, Resistance, Ratchet and Clank, Warhawk, etc.

Pedantic913529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

I wonder what that makes you ?

Your recent comments makes you seem like a huge Nintendo supporter with a pretty big distaste to Microsofts Kinect and any one who praises the PSP/NGP.

Any hope of taking your post seriously has been dashed simply because you decide to fling the word fanboy as well.

Why not go back to Gamefaqs ?
Where you're not limited to only two posts per topic.

DA_SHREDDER3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

@ Master

Im sorry but you just made me crack up. Its people like you that make the psp is Fail, and why the NGP is gonna be FAIL compared to other markets.

"The real reason why i want an NGP is because of the incredible titles that Sony will release on it. Also playstation suit is a huge selling point for me as well. " Oh really? Let me guess yur one of those people that probably don't want the NGP to be a phone either? Its people like you, the vocal minority, who are the reason why Sony fails. If I wanted to play a new next gen Kojima game, it wouldn't be on a format that only has 5 gigs of space on a proprietary flash drive. Id want to play it on my Wii 2 or Ps3.

AWBrawler3528d ago

all of those games you mentioned can be on other systems if the price is right, because they are not developed nor published by SONY. So again, Why can't we count 3rd party when talking about Nintendo?

White-Sharingan3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

@AWBrawler - You're completely clueless, all those IP's I've mentioned are owned by Sony. Unless sony sells their IP, it will never be in another console (which can be said by all exclusive IP's, on all consoles).

You must not know anything about games, other than Nintendo games it seems. All of those mentioned are published by sony....

AWBrawler3527d ago

you must not know, because Rare was owned by Nintendo, but Microsoft paid for them. See where I'm going there? Do you honestly believe if Microsoft wanted God of War bad enough, they couldn't get it?

I know a lot about how the industry works, and again when people argue games vs Nintendo, they add in 3rd party games too like DOA (coming to 3DS now, Metal Gear (coming to 3DS now) GTA (Clearly not owned by anyone but Rockstar), Red Dead Redemption, Dead Space (EA game) and games of the sort.

so again my arguement is why can't i include third party games like you do? Sure odds of God of Wars going elsewhere is slim so long as Sony makes consoles, it's not impossible. there was once a time where Nintendo fans thought they'd never lose Banjo Kazooie, Conker, Perfect Dark, or Killer Instict. So unless Nintendo goes the way of SEGA, their games wont hit other platforms.

True Nintendo makes lots of games, but is it fair to confine my game comparisons to only 1st party when you get to name any exclusive their is for your system of choice? people on here as Wii owners their reason for buying a Wii, and when they start naming games, they either say the HD versions were better, diss Nintendo, or call it gay.

in fact arguing with you is pointless, I see, because I laid it out there straight, but you're still telling me things that i know. You say those games are owned by sony, yet Ratchet and Clank (Sony exclusive) developers have made games for other systems, including Spyborgs on the Wii.

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Arnon3529d ago

Seriously, what?

I'm confused here. Why should people hold out for the NGP?

Theyellowflash303529d ago

Yeah sheer horsepower almost never wins the race in handheld or consoles. Gameboy, Gameboy advance, Nintendo DS, all had weaker graphics but had excellent games. I like the DS over the PSP graphics don't matter that much to me with a handheld

MasterCornholio3529d ago

Nintendo really needs to step up their game and prove to people that the 3DS isnt just a DS with 3D. The majority of people that i know believe that and its why they didnt buy it.

They always state the same thing " Porque voy a pagar 250 por un DS con 3D?" Translation. Why should i pay 250 euros for a DS with 3D?

At least that the way it is in spain. Your average joe doesnt surf the net reading reviews about the console. They just look at it in the store and just see a DS with a 3D screen and a circle pad.

Knushwood Butt3528d ago

Come off it. Visuals on the 3DS are barely any better than what the PSP can do: a system released in 2004.......

Need I say more?

It's just another case of Nintendo ripping off gamers by selling very old tech at a high price.

They got away with that with the Wii, so now they are trying again with the 3DS (but failing).

Of course, if you want to blindly lap that up, be my guest.

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