All new 'God Gun' makes an appearance in Duke Nukem Forever

@XG247: A rather interesting slip up/leak has just come out of Duke Nukem Forever - a reveal of an all new weapon that may have some fans interested.

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Thrungus3531d ago

I get the feeling there is a lot more to see in Duke Nukem Forever ;)

Jack-H3531d ago

Another "LEAK" *rolls eyes* Either all of these leaks aren't leaks and they're just saying that crap to get publicity, or they actually are leaks and these "companies" can't keep their dogs on a leash.

Jack-H3531d ago

O_O .... *head explodes from the k-pop* lol

chad22hkd3531d ago

thats the power of god you have witnessed! Heads explode!!!!!

Chnswdchldrn3531d ago

what is with the fucking FOV in this game? every gun takes up like half of the dam screen

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