Mortal Kombat Will Not Require an Online Pass Until PS Store is Back

Due to the recent outage of the PlayStation Network and the unavailability of the PlayStation Store, a lot of gamers are worried on the possibility of not getting to play online due to the implemented online pass.

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Nate-Dog3529d ago

Pretty cool, good news for me, been waiting a while!

malamdra3529d ago

great news for me, I used the free trial on my acount and then I used the one on the account I share with my friends

I was gonna try the trial from my european account tonight but didn't know if it was going to work, but now I can use the one the main one

xAlmostPro3528d ago

indeed, however shame online people just use the exact same move over and over just to get wins

Nate-Dog3528d ago

Better off playing with friends and with people you know, that's pretty much the only time I'll be playing this online because you know it'll be more fun and because you don't have to worry about people doing everything possible to win a match as if their life depends on it lol.

xAlmostPro3528d ago

That's the only way i've been playing it online tbh

ShadyDevil3529d ago

Great, just got the game yesterday. So glad they doing this.

Raendom3529d ago

Yes! Can finally see if I'm good or terrible at this game for real now. :P

Fallouts3529d ago

on line pass is such bull shit!

lowcarb3529d ago

I agree 100% F'ing BS! Just imagine I play on live and you have no choice but to get screwed with there points system.

Fallouts3529d ago

you always have a choice..

lowcarb3528d ago

Yes you do but it's still messed up.

soundslike3529d ago

The alternatives are worse.

-online only drm games
-micro transactions
-higher priced games

Pillage053529d ago

online only drm is quite possibly the worst thing to happen to games ever...I'm looking at you ubisoft. Although they did start removing it, atleast from splinter cell conviction and assassins creed 2.

Dark_Overlord3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Thats only because it was cracked in a day or 2.

Ubisofts Online DRM was actually quite a simple protection to crack, it had some parts of the game server side (e.g like a quest activation etc) the crackers only needed to find what was missing (not too hard if they monitor their connections) and add the stuff to the game (by duplicating the server data) with a remade exe

josephayal3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Only Possible on the PS3

Menech3529d ago

Lol yeah it is, certainly nothing to be proud about though.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Only possible on PS3.

I forgot to put the /s.

Yeah, that was kinda funny, bubble.

Jack-H3529d ago

I'm a PS3 only user and THAT sh*t is HILARIOUS man! Obviously not a fanboy and I can laugh and truly funny things. And that is truly funny. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.