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GameDynamo - "No more watching the same explosion ad infinitum. Nope, now you’re going to see wings ripped off, fuel spewing through the air, and planes turned into smoking bricks in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. You might even have time to watch your enemy eject from his flying paper weight."

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metsgaming3530d ago

For the multiplayer i hope they focus mainly on a coop mode. I mean for competitive you will just fly in circles the entire time and it wont be fun. Plus i hope you can still play the classic style of ace combat and not be forced to use their new system.

krazykombatant3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Multiplayer was good until people flew right over the spawn point and you would die pretty much immediately. I think we will still be able to play the calssic way of Ace Combat. But i'm sure they're trying to take it in a new direction. Therefore, making us get up close and see the oil splatter on the screen.

krazykombatant3530d ago

This game will be the shit... Cannot wait R.I.P Hawx.

yoge3530d ago

I hope this is a good game haven't played Ace Combat in a long time.