Star Wars: The Old Republic lists 2011 event appearances

Massively: Are you ready for the Star Wars: The Old Republic Hyperdrive or Bust World Tour 2011? OK, that might not be an official thing (and seriously, wouldn't you love a t-shirt with that on it?), but BioWare has announced the community events that TOR will be attending this year.

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krazykombatant3530d ago

Give me Battlefront, Kotor 3, or an RTS made by the guys who make total war. Hell make a new republic commando..

moaradin3530d ago

SWTOR is 10x larger than KOTOR 1 or 2 and is online with thousands of people with open worlds, and you can play with friends.

Solid_Snake-3530d ago

cant wait for it. massive starwars fan and never really got into mmo's so this'l be a good time.

Wizziokid3530d ago

i'm hoping for a release date

No_Pantaloons3530d ago

weak weak weak, KOTOR3 or don't bother. They just want their cash cow, well guess what not everyone loves mmo's. The story was one of the greatest things about kotor1 and we still don't get closure with that, instead we get watered down questing with random events.

Anyone who missed out or wants to remember how great it was, someone made a KOTOR movie out of all the games cutscenes with a small about of voiceover and gameplay, its really great for a one man project. Its 13 parts roughly 10 min each on youtube, and no I didn't make it, I just appreciate fan work.

Panthers3530d ago

I loved KOTOR as much as anyone, but The Old Republic was the best universe for a SW MMO and they are putting story first. I think this game is going to be amazing and I personally cant wait.