PlayStation.Blog - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Update - AI & Animation

Christian Gyrling, AI and Animation Programmer of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, gives some insight into the development process in creating the game's characters:

"The final AI in Uncharted is simple, yet also very powerful. We are heavily utilizing the Cell architecture to allow the enemies to be more aware of their surroundings. On top of this, the AI is highly configurable to allow the designers to create custom behaviors. Examples of this are combat distance used for close-combat/ranged enemies, likelihood of moving and reaction times, grenade throwing and shooting styles. The goal was to make the AI 'seem' smart. If we could do so without making the code complex, that would be great. The approach we took to this was to use animations to add variations to our characters instead of trying to programmatically add complex behaviors."

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Almighty4040d ago

This game looks so cool, I just hope that they fix that gameplay because that's the worst thing according to the previews.

shysun4040d ago

All of the new Previews say they fixed it....check the last 1up show.

jackdoe4039d ago

They made the AI too hard in one of the more recent builds.